#1 Best Supplement: VigRX Plus

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VigRX Plus

What makes VigRX Plus my #1 rated supplement?

1. The most effective natural supplement on the market

2. Fantastic supplement to take alongside a penis enlargement routine

3. Significantly fills out erections in as little as 1 month

4. Increases sex drive like crazy!

VigRX Plus is my personal favourite supplement and to this day I take it on a regular basis. It is a fantastic part of a penis enlargement or maintenance routine. It is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that boosts your libido, increases the quality of your orgasm, and draws blood into your penis for rock hard erections.

Make sure to read my comprehensive VigRX Plus review on my website here. I go through all the details regarding this product, dosage, and my experience using this supplement. This male enhancement pill has consistently delivered for me over the years.

Pros of VigRX Plus:

  • HUGE erection quality gains
  • My top pick to use alongside a penis enlargement routine
  • Boosts sex drive, sexual satisfaction, & boosts confidence
  • 100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Visit the official VigRX Plus website to learn more about this product here. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee – if this supplement doesn’t work for you then you get all your money back.


My #2 Rated Supplement: ProSolution+

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ProSolution Plus

What makes ProSolution+ my #2 rated supplement?

1. The most popular male enhancement supplement on the market

2. The ONLY male enhancement supplement to be FDA approved

3. Helps fix erectile dysfunction and low libido – naturally

4. Boosts erection quality and helps solidify PE gains

ProSolution+ is the reformulation of a best seller – ProSolution Pills. They have revamped the formula to make it even more effective and I saw more results with the newer formula than the old one. It is fantastic! ProSolution+ is the only male enhancement supplement to be approved by the FDA and it works by drawing blood into your pelvic region and boosting the quality of your orgasms, erection, and sex drive.

Make sure to read my comprehensive ProSolution review on my website here. I go into both formulas, new and old, and the results that I have seen with the supplement. This is an industry favourite and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Pros of ProSolution+:

  • Helps Address Erectile Dysfunction
  • Boosts Sex Drive, Increases Orgasm Quality, Increases Erection Quality
  • Boosts Confidence & Relationship Satisfaction
  • 100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FDA Approved

Visit the official ProSolution website to learn more about ProSolution+ here. If this supplement does not work for you, you can send it back no questions asked for a 100% money back guarantee.


My #3 Rated Supplement: Male Extra

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Male Extra

What makes Male Extra my #3 rated supplement?

1. An extremely effective supplement

2. All-natural formulation

3. Boosts erection quality like crazy & contributes to PE gains with a proper routine

4. Boosts sex drive

Male Extra is one of the best selling male enhancement pills on the market. They have recently (1 year ago) reformulated their products formula to get even more results than before. This particular product is packed with pomegranate extract, zinc, and l-arginine for testosterone production and maximum erection quality. Results start at about the 1 month mark.

Make sure to read my comprehensive Male Extra review on my website here. I used this supplement during my initial penis enlargement routine and I was very happy with the results that I got from it. I go into my experience, information about the product, and what you can expect.

Pros of Male Extra:

  • Boosts testosterone production
  • Increases libido & erection quality
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • One of the most popular male enhancement supplements
  • The supplement I used during my first PE experience

Visit the official Male Extra website through the link below. If you do not see results with this supplements you can call Male Extra’s customer service department and you will get a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase – so pretty much guaranteed results!