No “Special Food” Will Boost Testosterone

Have you ever been surfing the internet when you come across annoying ads that claim “eat this for massive testosterone gains” or “this food will make you never diet again”. It is all annoying and completely untrue. I’m going to tell you the only valid way to actually increase your testosterone.

Read more to find out the two golden rules to boosting testosterone.

Hard Work & Discipline

This is all their really is to it.

Hard work in the sense that you need to consistently exercise and lift weights to get your body to produce extra testosterone, and discipline in the sense that you need to make sure you actually get these workouts done and stick to a fairly strict diet.

You have to eat the right foods. Here are some examples of foods that boost testosterone:

  • Lean protein
  • Healthy fats (coconut oil, animal fat)
  • Dark Green vegetables
  • Certain kinds of herbal supplements

So don’t fall for that kind of BS anymore. Nothing in life comes easy. You have to assess how bad you want to achieve a certain goal and you have to find the right resources to tackle it effectively and head on.

Here are some amazing resources that I have used to boost my testosterone (I am not affiliated with any of these websites)





Here is one article that I wrote that has helped me restore energy and vitality. You can research benefits that certain fruits and vegetables have that boost testosterone and then throw them into a juicer.

Don’t Be Deceived:

Don’t be deceived by online advertisements offering you an easy way to do anything. Whether that be make money, lose weight, gain muscle, or boost testosterone. They are all just noise and they are all just someone trying to sell you something. I slowly started noticing this noise and I realized that it was affecting the way that I view the internet. I started searching for solutions and I found a couple that you can use completely free. (Note: you have to use Google Chrome for these to work, as they are all plugins from the Chrome plugin store)

My list of Anti-Advertisement Resources:

Adblock – This plugin erases every kind of advertisement from the internet. It removes video ads on YouTube, ads on websites, and ads on Facebook. You can install the plugin here.

Social Fixer – This allows you to customize how your Facebook looks, it gets rid of trending posts, suggested pages, ads, and any sponsored content that Facebook is trying to sell you. You can install this plugin here.

Ghostery – This is how ad companies are able to find out what you are interested in. It blocks these websites from tracking your browsing data and getting information about you. Once again it is completely free and can be found here.


These are just my thoughts on how to cut through the bullshit of the internet and actually focus on achieving your goals through hard work. It is a long hard journey but believe me it pays off.

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