How Poor Finances Affect Your PE Gains

Finances used to be something I struggled with. They caused me considerable stress, anxiety, and affected almost every aspect of my life.

More stress = less discipline, less confidence, and poor health. All of those things directly affect your PE gains. Read more to find out how.

Before I Got My Finances in Order:

Before I got my finances in order I was completely lost. When your finances aren’t being tracked you end up spending more money on things you don’t need. In my case it was junk food. But when you go shopping for other things I put it into the same category. I didn’t have enough income coming in to cover all of my bills and so I ate junk food to compensate for my problems.

This affected my health, confidence, and PE gains. I first forayed into PE during this period and I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any gains. It is because I ate like crap and I was stressed all the time. When you eat like crap and you are stressed it also directly affects your discipline, and that will affect the consistency of your PE routine as well.

After I Met My Girlfriend

My girlfriend was my saving grace. She taught me how to track my finances and showed me how all the little things add up. When I started tracking every little bit that I spent I really became more aware of how much money went out the door on a daily basis. I started tracking daily and tallying up how much money I could save and it shocked me. I had a lot to pay back and a lot to cut back. It took me a couple years to really grind and pay down my debt but it totally paid off and life debt free is completely liberating.

How Does This Affect Penis Enlargement?

When you get the stress of finances off your back you are much more disciplined regarding the things you choose to do. I know as soon as I stopped worrying about finances I was able to stick to my PE routine for one year straight and I achieved my original goal. I was also able to eat better, sleep better, and lower my stress levels which directly affected my confidence and my bodies ability to repair itself (aka actually grow a longer penis).

What Are Some Steps You Can Take?

Here are a few easy steps that you can take to start getting your finances in order:

  1. Start tracking every single dollar and penny that you spend – make a list.
  2. Be realistic with yourself regarding how much debt you have.
  3. Create a saving plan to start saving money and putting it directly down on your debt.
  4. Consider starting a side business to earn some extra dollars to take some financial stress off your mind.

Hope this helps, I know it can be hard but just keep working at saving your money and paying off your debts and you, your penis, and the people around you will thank yourself for it.

How have you conquered poor finances? What challenges do you face? Leave a comment below!

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