5 Life Lessons Learned from PE

My journey in the world of penis enlargement started off as a completely superficial thing. I was not happy with myself and I didn’t think that I was man enough. I had an average sized penis so I thought that making it bigger would make me confident in myself. I was dead wrong.

This realization led me down a road of health, confidence, and taking responsibility for the state of my life. Read on to find out what I learned.

 Top 5 Life Lessons Leaned:

Here are the top 5 lessons that I have learned on my 4 year penis enlargement journey.

1. Penis Size Does Not Matter (to an extent)

You’ll hear so many competing viewpoints on this one, and it may seem strange coming from me – a guy who runs a PE blog. Size only matters if it is a medical issue (for example, if you are too small and it actually causes a problem). In that case I would highly recommend you start a PE routine or even possibly consider surgery, because that definitely does affect your confidence with women. It just does, its too bad, but its the world we live in. I urge you to find your own reasons as to why you want to start making your penis bigger. Are you just doing it for fun? Do you find it directly affects your confidence? Are you doing it alongside a bodybuilding routine?

2. Health is Wealth

My journey into PE was really my first foray into any form of exercise. I had spent the better part of 30 years not exercising at all. I started to realize that I would see better gains if I actually led a very healthy lifestyle. PE led me down a path of health and vitality. I now exercise regularly (strength training primarily), eat way healthier, and spend time meditating.

3. Confidence in yourself is the most important thing

Before I started this journey, my self confidence was at an all time low. I had no idea the power that confidence in yourself can actually hold. When you are confident in yourself people look and talk to you differently. Opportunities will arise more frequently and you start each day with a smile. My journey through this website has helped me get to this point.

4. Get better every day

What is the point of being alive if you are not always striving towards something better? Read! Study! Exercise! Set goals for yourself! I find those who live the most fulfilled life are always after something, whether it be knowledge, skills, or financial, they spend their days working towards their goals.

5. Life is all about overcoming insecurities

This one is directly tied into the post above. The beauty of life is that nothing is permanent. Every single one of your insecurities can be overcome. The grand illusion is that you are bound by your insecurities, fears, and your past. Use your days to overcome these insecurities. Face your fears head on and seize the day!

Why did you get started in PE? Has it helped you overcome any insecurities? Leave a comment below!

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