Penis Thickness: How Important Is It?

Penis thickness is arguably the most important aspect of a guy’s size. Improved girth is what most guys try to achieve when they start a PE program.

What good is your penis length when you don’t have the girth to back it up! This is also the number one desired quality when women are interviewed about penis size – the bigger the girth, the more pleasure they receive! Read more to find out how to maximize penis girth.

Why Do Women Love Penis Girth?

When interviewed about penis size, the most important aspect of a man’s penis was the girth. The reasoning for this is fairly obvious, the bigger a man is girth-wise, the more stimulation it provides for the female partner. This extra stimulation provides additional pleasure that benefits a couple’s sex life and boosts confidence in a relationship.

Girth Erection Benefits:

Building up your girth expands your blood vessels and allows for more blood to flow into the penis. The more oxygenated blood that gets drawn into the penis the healthier your penis will be overall. It improves circulation which in turn improves erection quality and ability to stay hard. This added sexual performance bonus also gives you additional stamina that you can take straight to the bedroom.

How Do You Increase Your Girth?

The most effective way to increase your penis girth is through a water based penis pump like the Penomet. These pumps are hands down the most effective and reliable way to increase the girth of your penis. They do this by creating a vacuum around the base of your penis and drawing blood into your penis for an extended period of time. When you do this daily over the course of 6 months then you will see permanent girth expansion in your penis, stronger erections, and increased confidence – the girls will love you for it too;)

So Should I Ignore Length?

Not necessarily. First determine how long your penis actually is in the first place then compare it to the girth. If your penis is so small you can’t even get that far into your girl when you are having sex then hells yah focus on length! At that point it should be your top priority, and girth will come soon after. Just determine where your priorities and abilities lie. If you are too short to effectively have sex then start lengthening you penis with an extender right away. If you just want to provide your partner with a little extra satisfaction then start using a penis pump! If you want the best of both worlds then make sure to follow my comprehensive penis enlargement routine that you can find on my mailing list!

What is your priority? Do you focus on length or girth? Which have you found more rewarding/effective? Leave a comment below!
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