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NitroXpansion Review: Bodybuilding & Male Enhancement

NitroXpansion Review
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I didn’t see any noticeable change when I took NitroXpansion for a couple of weeks. This is a bodybuilding supplements that also markets itself as a male enhancement supplement.

My personal opinion is that it doesn’t really work for either of those things. If I didn’t notice any difference taking it for the male enhancement side of things I would imagine it definitely would NOT work for a bodybuilder doing intense exercise.

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I’m going to be reviewing a supplement today that is in a completely different category then what I am used to reviewing. This supplement is called NitroXpansion and it is a bodybuilding supplement used to boost Nitric Oxide to boost blood flow and help repair muscle when working out to see substantial muscle gains.

How does this relate to penis enlargement? Well nitric oxide increases blood flow in your body, and should theoretically have a similar effect to many of the libido boosters that I review here on the site. I picked up NitroXpansion to test out my theory – and I ended up being quite disappointed. Read on to find out my results in this NitroXpansion review.

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NitroXpansion Review: Does This Even Work Bro?

NitroXpansion is a European brand that boosts NO (Nitric Oxide) production in the body to give you a bigger “pump” while working out. This also translates to more blood flow to the penis. There is not a full list of ingredient provided on their website but on the label it says it does contain L-Arginine which is a very common male enhancement ingredients that boosts NO production in your body.

It claims that all of the ingredients are all natural, but when it comes to workout supplements, a lot of these supplements contain artificial ingredients and potent extracts that may cause some side effects.

Why I Tried This Supplement:

I wanted to see the effects of this workout supplement on my testosterone levels, my libido, and the quality of my erection. On several male enhancement forums some people had been talking about this supplement as a potential alternative to more traditional male enhancement supplements like VigRx Plus.

What Caught Me Off Guard:

NitroXpansion is a rebill offer. What this means is that I signed up on the website for a free trial thinking that I was going to test out the supplement for a period of time. But after that free trial period was finished I was actually charged for another months supply for the product. I was shocked to see this on my credit card and called the company for a refund – which they did not give me. I would not recommend ever getting into a free trial for a supplement (or any product really) that puts you into a rebill program in the fine print without your complete knowledge.

NitroXpansion Scam:

This company seems more interested in getting your information to market to you. There is no customer service which is why I was unable to obtain a refund which makes it extremely hard to cancel your trial. This formula is very vague at whether it is for body builders or penis enlargement as well. It just seems like an internet marketer set the page up to get recurring subscriptions to their product.


Long story short I did not see any results that I was overly impressed with. Maybe it works for body builders better but it did not affect my erection or my libido whatsoever. I would recommend that you avoid NitroXpansion and that you stick to more credible companies that actually care about their customers and their product.

Have you used NitroXpansion? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below.

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