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AntlerX Review: Derrick’s Fast Results

AntlerX Review
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AntlerX didn’t live up to its promise for me. That is not to say that I don’t support supplements that have velvet deer antler as it is fairly effective – it’s just that this formulation didn’t leave me with any tangible results.

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Deer AntlerX is the latest supplement to come out of the deer antler supplement fad. I am a huge fan of these unique supplements but I was a little concerned with this one because it is a spray. How can deer antler become a spray?

AntlerX is supposed to help you look young and rejuvenated. It is supposed to boost human growth hormone production in your body and make you overall more resilient. I got my hands on a bottle to evaluate these claims for you guys. Read more to find out my experience in this AntlerX review.

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AntlerX Review: What Is This Made Of?
AntlerX review

AntlerX is a deer antler extract. Deer antler has been noted to improve athletic performance, increase lean muscle, offer better muscle recovery, improve your immune system, strengthen your joints, increase energy, and assist with weight loss. As a side note many guys have been talking about seeing an increased sex drive which isn’t a bad side benefit. I had so many of my readers asking me to review this stuff so I got my hands on a bottle.

How Does AntlerX Work?

AntlerX’s main ingredient is deer antler velvet. This is the substance that grows on top of new antlers as they grow new antlers in the spring. This substance contains Insulin-Like Growth Factor, and it is what causes cell regeneration. It works with HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in your body to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth.

There is 100mg of deer antler velvet in AntlerX apparently, and the recommended does is 5 sprays at morning and 5 at night. This is a slow acting supplement and results should start to be noticed in about 5 weeks.

Other Ingredients:

There are a few other ingredients included in the spray.

  • Zinc – Essential for Male Health
  • Tribulus Terrestris – boosts testosterone
  • Amino Acids – Increases Blood Flow and boosts lean muscle building capacity
  • Vitamin B – For Energy

Deer Antler Velvet (including AntlerX) is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency so if you are a professional or college level athlete and may get tested, make sure not to take this product or it may sabotage your efforts. If you really want to take it make sure to take it in the off season and allow it plenty of time to get out of your system.

My Experience with AntlerX

To be honest I didn’t really experience any effects while I was testing out this supplement. I think this is because it is a liquid when deer antler velvet should be in pill form. It must have gone through an immense amount of processing and in my opinion it was probably rendered useless by that processing. I didn’t see any results using this product.

 My Recommendation:

I would not recommend that you buy this product. This does not mean that I do not recommend deer antler velvet because it can be very effective if you get it in the right form (powdered or in capsules) because the collagen and other nutrients are intact. Not many guys that I know of have overly enjoyed their experience with AntlerX. It is not necessarily a bad supplement, and maybe I didn’t give it enough time, but for now my verdict is against it.

Have you used deer antler velvet? Have you tried AntlerX? What were your results? Leave a comment below!
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