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Bathmate Hercules Unboxing

My Bathmate Hercules just arrived in the mail so I made sure to put a quick unboxing video together for you guys. Things we go over in this video:

  1. How it is shipped and arrives at your door
  2. Discreet Packaging
  3. Opening/Branding
  4. Package Contents
  5. Where you can find my latest review on this particular product.

Bathmate Hercules Unboxing

The Bathmate Hercules is the ORIGINAL Bathmate model. This is the pump that literally started it all. Since this pump first hit the market there have been more than 2 MILLION Bathmates sold worldwide. I have recently finished my full Bathmate Hercules review and you can find it here.
Bathmate Hercules unboxing
If you guys are looking into penis pumps I would recommend that you check out my Top 3 Pumps page so you can read about the best pumps on the market in 2014.
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