VigRX Oil Review: Crazy Orgasm Addition to VigRX Plus

VigRX Oil Review
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VigRX Oil is the second part to the VigRX Plus system. It is a great addition and adds some real pleasure and sensitivity when applied before intercourse – highly recommended!

Read the full review below and visit the official website here.

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VigRX Oil is the not-so-often heard about side partner to the leading male enhancement supplement VigRX Oil. It is a lubricant that promoted rock solid erections, better orgasms, and overall penis health.

I’ve been exploring more and more penis creams recently because it seems to be a growing trend in male enhancement. So far my results have been about 50/50 with various creams. There are many disappointing ones on the market but I was stoked to find one that was actually manufactured by the leading male enhancement supplement company – Natural Health Labs. Read more to find out my experience.

Note: You can visit the official VigRX Oil website here.

VigRX Oil Review: How Does It Work?

VigRX Oil review

VigRX Oil is a penile lubricant that was designed by leading male health professionals. It contains many natural ingredients that are absorbed into your penis tissue and support strong erections and increased pleasure. The company guarantees that it will intensify every aspect of your sex life.

This formula is made with all natural ingredients, no petrochemicals or anything else artificial, and has been tested in an acute dermal toxicity test according to OECD guidelines and the product caused no adverse side effects at all. It is also condom compatible.

Who Is VigRX Oil For?

VigRX Oil is designed for men who are wanting to add a boost to their current sex live through all natural methods. The company has helped thousands of men overcome sexual performance issues.

Pros of VigRx Oil:

-Extremely fast arousal

-Enhanced Erection Quality

-Better orgasm control

vigrx oil review

Derrick’s Experience with VigRX Oil

I always love experimenting with different lubes – because worst case scenario they are just great lubes! 😉 I decided to test VigRx Oil for a total of 3 times when I was having sex with my girlfriend.

I started by applying a few drops to my penis and rubbing it in until I was fully stimulated. When I was fully erect I put a few more drops on my penis so I would really notice the effects. It kind of felt like a “fresh” feeling, like super clean and super stimulated. When I started having sex with my girlfriend it definitely increased the sensitivity, but I still lasted just as long as I usually do which made the session a super positive experience.

The other two times I tried used this lube I had very similar experiences so all in all I’m very satisfied with the product. Natural Health Labs has put out another quality product and I would definitely recommend it.

vigrx oil


If you are interested in trying out a great lube that is all natural and comes with a money back guarantee I would definitely put my stamp of approval on VigRX Oil. I had a great experience with it and it is manufactured by an extremely reputable company. I put a link to the official website at the bottom of this article that you can use to buy the product.
Visit Site! Have you used VigRX Oil? What is your favourite lubricant? Leave a comment below!

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