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Xplozion Review
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Xplozion is a new up and coming semen-enhancing supplement. It has very high quality ingredients and I think you are going to start seeing a lot more of it in the coming years. I saw great initial results during my test period.

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Xplozion is a supplement that was designed to address the problem of ejaculation dysfunction. I was surprised to hear that this dysfunction is actually in the top five sexual dysfunction problems for men.  It is associated with not being able to properly ejaculate or an issue with releasing semen during intercourse. The roots of this seems to be psychological but sometimes a supplement can help with it.

I did research into Xplozion to add to my database of male enhancement supplements. Read the full Xplozion review below.

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Top 3 Supplements

Xplozion Review:

As mentioned above, Xplozion was designed to combat ejaculatory dysfunction. Xplozion combats this issue by boosting your semen volume. With a bigger load you will be drawing more blood and nutrients to the area, have more intense orgasms, and a larger load.
Xplozion review

What Ingredients Make This Happen?

This is probably one of the more reasonable supplements that I have seen. It contains vitamins and minerals which a lot of people don’t realize are ESSENTIAL for boosting things like semen volume and affecting your body’s processes.

  • Vitamins E & C & B12
  • Niacin
  • Zinc

These all boost testosterone and have a direct correlation with the quality of your semen. But never fear it has included some herbal ingredients which add an extra punch.

  • Maca
  • Swedish Flower Extract
  • Pygeum Africanum Bark

How Does All of This Work?

Xplozion is a slow acting supplement that is meant to be taken daily to see consistent results. The vitamins boost your general health and quality of your semen, and the herbal ingredients boost testosterone and aid in promoting blood flow to the penis. When your body is healthier and provided with the proper nutrients you will see much more effective results.


  • Contains vitamins and minerals which other supplements don’t
  • 100% Refund guarantee
  • All natural herbals


  • Not many people have used this.


Although I haven’t heard too much about this particular supplement, I think Xplozion could be a fantastic up and comer on the market. I was really happy to see the inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals. I would definitely recommend that you try this supplement. Just be make sure to eat healthy and drink a lot of water to get the maximum effect. I would imagine you would see the best results after the 2 month mark. If you choose to try it be sure to leave a comment below this article with your experience to help other people make an informed buying decision.
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