Bigger Body = Bigger Penis

People don’t normally tell you that the bigger you are (regardless of your height) the bigger your penis tends to be. What this means is that the more you treat your body with respect, exercise, eat healthy, and lift weights, this will affect the size of your penis.

Read more to find out what I mean.

The Importance of A Bigger Body:

What do I mean by a bigger body? I mean a body with muscle mass. I’m not talking about being a body builder, but it is super important for any healthy male to have at least SOME muscle mass and a low body fat percentage. You will be stronger, healthier, and it will keep your testosterone levels consistently higher than most other men.

A body with more muscle mass is a more efficient body, it boosts your metabolism and it helps your body recover from exercises (for example – PE).

How Does This Relate to Penis Size?

Its all about lifestyle and recovery. If you are putting on extra muscle mass to make your body healthier, then that means 2 things.

  1. You are eating & sleeping right.
  2. Your testosterone levels are higher
  3. You allow yourself enough time to recover from workouts.

When you apply this philosophy to penis enlargement then a bigger body is guaranteed to help with your penis size gains. If you are actively doing PE exercises and pumping, while at the same time supplementing, eating and sleeping right, and working out – then your gains will be through the roof. You also get the added benefit of becoming a more well rounded man.

Full Body Transformation:

Focusing on your body as a whole is the best way to approach male enhancement. I found the best results when I stopped focusing on penis enlargement as my only goal. Confidence and optimal growth happens when you train your entire body as one big efficient system – that is why a bigger body equals a bigger penis.


I have a bunch of different resources in my health section regarding strength training. <– the best beginner weightlifting website on the internet in my opinion <– a fantastic beginners guide to healthy eating for optimum testosterone boosts

And of course, always feel free to e-mail me with any questions that you have and I will help you out!

What are your thoughts on this philosophy? Have you found that extra muscle mass and healthy eating helps your PE gains? Leave a comment below!
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