Peyronie’s Device Review 2020 – My Comprehensive Review

Peyronie's Device Review
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I’m excited to say that the Peyronie’s Treatment Plan receives perfect 5’s from me across the board. The device is made from the same company that makes my top rated extender the SizeGenetics and it includes a full support system to deal with Peyronie’s completely naturally.

This system includes a DVD, a premium extender, supplements, and creams to help straighten out that curve safely and effectively without surgery.

Read the full article for all the details regarding my experience with the Peyronie’s Device.

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***Update 2017***

I received the comprehensive Peyronie’s treatment plan in the mail to review for you guys. This is made by a VERY reputable seller in the industry (same company as the SizeGenetics) so I looked forward to really getting into this device. I’ll give you an overview of what this device is, how it differs from the SizeGenetics, and additional benefits that it provides in Peyronie’s disease correction.

For my comprehensive article on Peyronie’s disease click here. ¬†Read on for my review on the Peyronie’s Device and if it will work for you.

Note:¬†For the official Peyronie’s Device website please visit this page.

Peyronie’s Device Review: What Does It Do?
Peyronie's Device Review

The Peyronie’s Device was designed as a part of a complete treatment plan to correct Peyronie’s disease within 6 months. Peyronie’s disease causes a sometimes painful curvature of the penis.

The Peyronie’s Device has been designed as a comprehensive solution to Peyronie’s disease and includes a certified Type 1 medical device, penis massage exercises, supplements, and a cream to help boost and help with recovery. This device was designed to be a one stop shop for all-natural Peyronie’s disease correction.

The Peyronie’s Device Will:

1. Help Strengthen & Improve Erections

2. Effectively Treat Peyronie’s Disease

3. Straighten that curve (regardless of curve direction)

Does This Device Work?

Absolutely. This device and treatment plan has been in development for years and has been subjected to many years of clinical trials. This type of device is prescribed to patients in Europe with Peyronie’s disease who want to straighten out their curved penis. You can read more about these clinical trials here on the offical Peyronie’s Device website.

The actual extender device itself is a traction device that is pretty much exactly the same as the SizeGenetics. You put it over your penis and strap the head of your penis into the front piece. Over time this pushes the head of your penis away from your body and starts slowly correcting curvature and even makes your penis bigger over the course of 6 months.

Benefits of Using the Peyronie’s Device:

  • Will straighten curve regardless of angle
  • Improve Blood Flow & Strengthen Erections
  • Reduce Plaque Build up Caused by Peyronie’s Disease
  • Prevent discomfort and pain during sex
  • Effective treatment against Peyronie’s disease
  • Will make penis bigger due to straightened curve
  • Increases confidence like crazy!

Click here to read more about the Peyronie’s Device

What Comes In the Peyronie’s Treatment Plan?

There are three different options when you order the Peyronie’s device. You can get the device itself, you can go for the curvature straightening plan, or you can get the ultimate package. I’m going to be talking about what I received – the ultimate treatment plan.

To get information on the other plans please visit the official Peyronie’s Device website (they have choices for every budget). The Peyronie’s Device in the Peyronie’s Treatment plan is the ULTIMATE package to combat plaque build up and Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie's Device Review

Peyronies Treatment Plan – The Ultimate Package – What’s Included
  • The Peyronie’s Device – Type 1 Medical Device – Super effective at straightening a curved penis & making your penis bigger
  • Rubber Comfort Strap & Silicon tube for different comfort options
  • High Quality Leather Case with Lock
  • Comfort strips and foam – to make sure the device is as comfortable as possible
  • 16 Way Comfort System – Offering more than 16 ways to effectively wear the device (This is one of my favourite features)
  • Directional Noose Straightening Head Piece – This allows you to counter a curve (Perfect for those with moderate to severe curves)
  • Instructional DVD
  • Penis Exercise & Massage Guide to Aid & Boost Recovery
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee – If this device does not work for you, you will get 100% of your money back – Guaranteed


  • Vitamin E Oil – Moisturizes the penis and helps aid recovery and lessens scar tissue build up
  • Extreme Amino – A combination of amino acides like L-Arginine HCI to boost recovery
  • Enzyme P500 – A proprietary 10 ingredient formula which reduces scarring and scar tissue build up
  • CoQ10 Enzyme – This boosts recovery with a huge 100mg dose of Coenzyme Q10 – it battles free radicals and promotes tissue repair
My Thoughts On the Peyronie’s Device:

The Peyronie’s Device is an absolutely amazing device – it is actually the same device that is included in the SizeGenetics which is already my #1 rated device. This gives the device a massive boost. It is extremely comfortable and I would recommend it to anyone with Peyronie’s disease. They have actually made the device even better by creating some specialized add-ons specifically for those suffering with Peyronie’s disease.

Not only is the actual device the best extender on the market, but they have made the package even better with all the extras that I have listed above. The supplements are some of the highest quality on the market. I personally do not have Peyronie’s disease but I will 100% recommend this product for comfort, penis size gains (read my original SizeGenetics review to see my results), and it is 100% guaranteed to straighten out your curve within 6 months or you get all of your money back.

These results don’t happen overnight though, you will have to wear this device for 4-8 hours every day for at least 6 days per week. The longer you wear it the faster the permanent results will be.


I highly recommend that you buy the Peyronie’s Ultimate Treatment plan if you are looking to correct penile curvature. It is the most advanced program that includes everything that you need to succeed. I’m happy to say that this device has made my list of Top 3 Extenders.

To learn more about the Peyronie’s Device I encourage you to visit the website through the link provided below to take advantage of a special discount – it won’t last long!

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If you have any questions or comments about the new Peyronie’s Device and how it works make sure to leave a comment below!

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