Avoid Fake Pharma Websites for Male Enhancement

The male enhancement industry is completely full of scam websites. One of the most prolific scam websites are the websites that are selling you wholesale viagra/other male enhancement or performance enhancing drugs. I am well acquainted with these types of websites so I am going to share with you what and who they are, how to spot them, and where to get all-natural effective male enhancement products for a fraction of the price.

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What Websites Are You Talking About?

To provide an example of what I am talking about, type the term “viagra” into Google and take a look at the results. There will be websites that allow you to purchase viagra and other pharmaceutical products at a discount. They look kind of sketchy, and the odd time they are actually quite well designed. But none of these websites lasts for more than a couple of months.

Regardless of how legitimate these websites look, I can guarantee you that they are not legitimate whatsoever. In the Western world, it is illegal to sell pharmaceutical products without a proper prescription (with the exception of basic medicines like Aspirin or cold medications). Viagra and other performance enhancing drugs can only be administered when you have a prescription note from your doctor. When you do it through your doctor (which I still do not recommend unless pharmaceuticals are completely necessary, as they come with a host of side effects) you can rest assured that you are getting a legitimate product because the space is so regulated.

So this is how you can spot fake/illegitimate websites – basically any website that openly sells pharma products!

The Problem With These Products:

These products have the potential to be incredibly unsafe and completely fake. They are not made in the United States and are most of the time manufactured and created in India where there is no body regulating this space that looks at who is manufacturing the product, what goes into the product, and who they are shipping it too – so even if it is real it is probably illegal to order it!

The biggest concern I have with these websites is the safety of the pills themselves, for all you know they could be shipping you rice flour and rat poison dyed blue!

Stick With All-Natural Male Enhancement:

Last but not least, I will always stand behind all-natural methods of male enhancement. They provide longer lasting benefits than pharmaceutical drugs (unless a doctor has deemed it medically necessary) and they set you up for long lasting health and success. All supplements are long term commitments and the results stack over time. But they do this all naturally, and promote optimal health in your body.


At all costs avoid fake pharma websites that sell things like Viagra! You have no idea what you are getting in the mail, it is dangerous and short sighted, and could possible be illegal to ship pharmaceuticals into your country and they may be confiscated by customs.

Have you had experience with these fake pharmaceutical websites? Leave a comment below!
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