Do You Need PE Supplements? It Depends On Your Lifestyle!

One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is “what supplement do you recommend for ___________”.

I’m writing this post to tell you that you don’t even necessarily need supplements. It all depends on how you live your life. Read on to find out more.

But Derrick, You Review Supplements!

One of the things that I am most adamant about saying in my supplement review videos is that you should only take supplements to support an existing exercise plan. Whether you are lifting weights, or working on making your penis bigger/longer/wider, supplements alone won’t make the difference – they are only the last piece of the puzzle.

Let’s put together an example scenario – the goal: 1.5 inches in length on your penis.

What do you think will lead to better results?

1. 3 VigRX Plus pills per day for 6 months


2. 20 minutes daily using the bathmate, kegel exercises, and a healthy diet/exercise plan

I think the answer is obvious.

Supplements are not always the answer

The number one thing that people don’t realize is that if you are in pursuit of ANY goal, whether it be penis enlargement or building a business, there is no easy way to do it. You have to put in the work. Plain and simple.

If you are putting in the time every single day to exercise, use the bathmate, and eat well to support these gains then you are already farther ahead than 95% percent of guys who want to achieve their goals the easiest way possible. You are putting in the hard work and the results will show and you will be much happier with yourself knowing that you did things the right way.

When Should I Use Supplements Then?

You should only use supplements after you have these other aspects of your lifestyle in check. Supplements are meant to add that tiny added bonus that will put you ahead of others who are in the same boat. If you are optimizing your body/routine to see the best possible penis size gains then a supplement will help you reach your goal at MOST 10% faster than the others.

Moral of the Story:

Don’t discount supplements, but be honest with yourself as to why they may not be working for you. Do you eat healthy? Are you putting in the PE work? Are you getting adequate exercise?

If you can put in the hard work to achieve your goals, then the supplements will too. What is your experience using supplements? How have they helped you? Leave a comment below!

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