Man Workouts: Masculine Exercises for Optimum Testosterone Production

If you want to increase your testosterone and aren’t having any luck, you have to redesign your exercise routine.

People make the mistake of thinking that testosterone = healthy diet, exercise, and supplements. While this may be true we have to look at what KINDS of exercises increase testosterone production. Read more to find out.

Magazines Are Lying To You

I’m going to tell you what the magazines won’t. To increase testosterone levels you have to LIFT HEAVY.

I’m talking about squats, deadlifts, bench press, power cleans, pull ups, and military press. That’s it. Magazines like Men’s Health will actually lose money if they tell you these things. They are too focused on constantly changing up your plan and pumping your workout routine with the “workout of the week” that actually prevents you from gaining any progress. The only way to boost testosterone significantly is to add weight to your workouts using only compound lifts. Every. Single. Time. You. Workout.

What Is a Compound Lift?

A compound lift is a lift that uses your entire body, and primarily your core. This is important because when you use your full body as one piece it triggers an adrenal response and works your entire nervous system. This then puts your body into “stress” mode and stimulates the production of testosterone. You are not going to get a testosterone response that significant from doing bicep curls believe me.

What Are Some Examples of Compound Lifts?

The best compound lifts are barbell squats, deadlifts, bench press, and military press. Each one of these lifts when done properly work your entire body and strengthen it through your core. They also don’t make your muscles bigger it makes them denser, which makes you significantly more stronger than traditional weight training. If you want to learn more about a great starting plan check out my other article here or go to the website (I am not affiliated with this website in any way).

Other Benefits of Compound Lifts

  1. Testosterone Production
  2. Extreme Strength Increases
  3. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy
  4. Increased Confidence
  5. Future Proof Your Body
  6. Muscle Mass That is Actually Usable

If you start an exercise routine for the first time using only compound lifts and eat appropriately I guarantee that you will add 10-20 pounds of MUSCLE to your frame within the first 3 months alone. This is only if you are lifting weights for the first time. This will boost your metabolism, increase blood flow all over your body, make you stronger, boost your testosterone like CRAZY, and increase your confidence like crazy.

Believe me when I say that if you add a solid 20 pounds of muscle to your frame, women will start to look at you differently and you will be much more confident and comfortable with yourself in front of them. It will also benefit your PE (penis enlargement) routines by putting your body into recovery mode so that it can focus on solidifying any gains you have made.

How has weight lifting affected your life? Do you plan on starting?

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