What Happened to my YouTube Channel???

In December 2013 my YouTube channel was attacked by spammers and YouTube automatically took my content down. It was absolutely ridiculous and it seriously affected the level of traffic this website gets. This post is to let you guys know that I am planning on getting the channel back up and running as soon as possible. Read more to let me know where you want this channel to go.

What Happened to my YouTube Channel?

In December 2013 I received a notification to my e-mail letting me know that one of my frequently asked question videos had violated YouTube’s TOS (terms of service). A FAQ video? I was confused too.

I looked to see what the problem was and it said that that video had received too many abuse complaints and so it was taken down – this was a video with only 46 views. I believe it was talking about Semenax.

I wasn’t too concerned and I thought it was just a fluke. But then I received 3 more e-mails letting me know the same thing and I knew I had a spammer attacking my channel. Unfortunately, this is all completely automated so YouTube automatically takes these videos down. When I had 3 videos go down my entire channel went down.

If you look at the YouTube results now you will see that anyone providing credible information about these products has been taken down, and the main page has been replaced with spammy content just trying to sell you penis pumps.


What Am I Going to Do?

Well, I am going to relaunch it! I am going to try and get all my videos back online for you guys and continue to make new content on a regular basis! I’m super stoked to get this channel up for you again as I really enjoy managing this website and making new reviews for you.


The Future of the Channel:

This is where I am going to reach out to you guys. What kind of things do you want to see on this channel? What direction do you want me to take it? Should I start incorporating things like strength training, women, and developing confidence? What kind of videos do you want to see? Remember, I’m making these for YOU not me.

Leave a comment below with your ideas, this is the start of a new online community! If you want to e-mail me directly feel free to send me an e-mail through the Contact form above in the menu!


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