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Derrick’s Hydromax X40: Bathmate Xtreme Review 2020

Bathmate Xtreme X40 Review
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Bathmate does it again with their latest product – the Hydromax Xtreme X40. This pump is now on par with the Penomet Premium Package. The suction quality, results, and build quality of this pump make it a force to be reckoned with.

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Note: This is just a review. Click here to visit the official Bathmate Xtreme X40 website.

Bathmate kicked of the penis enlargement revolution a few years ago with the Hercules and Goliath, and for the past few years the market has been dominated by the Bathmate Hydromax X30 & X40. Now – finally – BM has released their crown jewel:

The Bathmate Hydromax X30/X40 Xtreme.

I got my hands on one of these to give you guys a comprehensive review and show you all of the exciting new features in this Bathmate Xtreme review.

Bathmate Xtreme Review: What Does the Package Come With?
Bathmate Xtreme review

This pump is as premium as they get. The BM Xtreme is shipping as two different models – the X30 and X40. Inside the package it comes with a lockable case for ultimate privacy. The pump is designed with a brand new measuring gauge. It comes with a cleaning sponge, a shower strap, and a brand new comfort insert pad which I will get to in a minute.

The Bathmate Xtreme is completely redesigned and now it comes with a separate hand pump. This makes the entire pumping experience much more customizable.

How Does the New Xtreme Work?

Bathmate Xtreme review
Bathmate Xtreme Hand Grip

The new BM Xtreme has totally simplified the pumping process. You put on the shower strap, fill the pump with warm water, put it over your penis, and start pumping with the brand new hand grip. The new hand grip allows for a totally customized pump. It is the strongest pump that bathmate has put out to date which means way better gains for you. This hand grip allows you to FULLY customize your pump experience to maximize penis size results.

As I mentioned above, the Bathmate has come out with 2 versions of their Xtreme model – the X30 and the X40. The only similarities between this new pump and its predecessors is the size of the actual tube. The particular model I have is the Xtreme X40 and it allows for up to 8.5 inches in length to fit in the pump when compressed. You can look through the manufacturers website here to compare the two pumps.

If you are choosing a pump for the first time I would recommend that you go with the X40 Xtreme model so you have expanded room to grow and you won’t have to invest in another pump.

How Effective is the Bathmate Xtreme?
Bathmate Xtreme review

I tested out the Bathmate Xtreme for a few weeks to get a feel for the device. (DISCLAIMER: If you are new to this website, I have previously seen my gains on the Bathmate Hydromax X30, and review newer models for you guys). The very first thing I noticed when I put it on was how customizable the pressure was – you can increase the pressure bit by bit by it to get it into the zone that allows for ultimate comfort and maximum size gains. The quality of the pressure and of the pump has been greatly increased since the Bathmate’s last model.

I was concerned that Bathmate was going to fall behind the curve when the Penomet was released, but now my confidence in BM is extremely high. They have put out an incredible quality product through listening to their customer base and actually USING their suggestions.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This pump is backed by Bathmate’s 100% 6 month money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied in any way, then just send it back to them and you can ask for a full refund!

Bathmate Xtreme Pros:

  • Highest Quality BM Out There
  • Strongest Pump
  • Completely Customizable Pressure
  • Guaranteed Gains
  • Brand New Sleek Design


  • A little pricy

Bathmate Xtreme review


All of these features put this pump in the same price range as the Penomet, but I definitely think that you get much more out of the Xtreme than you do with the Penomet – the pressure is even MORE customizable.

The new Bathmate Xtreme definitely gets my stamp of approval. I’ve tested it out for a few weeks and I am going to be using this pump going forward during my maintenance routines. If you want to learn more or buy the new Bathmate Xtreme I’ve linked to the official website at the bottom of this article you can use to check it out.Visit Site!

Do you have experience with the Bathmate Xtreme? Do you have questions? Leave a comment below!


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