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Libidfit Review: Banned By The FDA

Libidfit Review
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Libidfit is banned by the FDA – avoid at all costs. If you have purchased try and get your money back.

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I actually got my hands on a controversial supplement called Libidfit. This “all-natural” supplement has proven to be extremely effective and for good reason – it secretly contains Sildenafil – the active pharmaceutical ingredient in Viagra. For this reason it has been banned in North America where Sildenafil needs a prescription from your doctor.

Health Canada actually issued a warning to avoid Libidfit because it may cause undesired health effects. For this reason I decided not to try this supplement and write about some research I did on this particular supplement, and offer some alternatives.

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Libidfit Review: What It It?

Libidfit claims (unethically) to be an all-natural male enhancement supplement. It contains all natural herbs to treat erectile dysfunction. It worked extremely well, but it turns out that is because it contains Viagra (which is illegal in North America without a prescription). This completely puts Libidfit out of my territory. If you were planning on buying this supplement then I would recommend that you visit my Top 3 Recommended supplements for a healthier and safer alternative.

If your erectile dysfunction is a serious issue then I would recommend that you talk to your doctor if you are interested in a Viagra prescription.

Libidfit Review

How Does Libidfit Work?

Libidfit is a herbal Viagra which means that you would take it just moments before engaging in sexual activity. It recommends that you take one or two capsules an hour or two before sex on an empty stomach. Shortly thereafter you should have a raging hard on.

Libidfit Ingredients

Libidfit contains all the regular male enhancement ingredients like horny goat weed, panax ginseng, cinnamon bark, etc. But the fact that it came to light that it contained actual pharmaceutical products you should definitely take this supplement with care. I do not endorse this supplement but if you really want to try it you can get it from its European manufacturer because it is banned in North America.

There was no recall in North America because Libidfit was not actually sold on the North American market in the first place.

Libidfit and Viagra

Some people actually want to use Libidfit now because it is actually more effective due to it containing pharmaceutical drugs. While this may work for some people you have to be aware of this, and I have to bold it:

Pharmaceutical drugs come with many side effects – even Viagra. Consult your doctor before you try out any product without a prescription as it can cause many serious side effects. I would only recommend herbal supplements unless otherwise recommended by your doctor.

Libidfit is only available in Europe right now, and I think if you try to purchase it online it may be seized by customs.


  • You can’t get it in North America


  • Everything
  • Undisclosed Pharmaceutical ingredients

I would avoid Libidfit at all cost. A company that puts in undisclosed ingredients is a company that you should not do business with. And putting undisclosed pharmaceutical ingredients in your product is a borderline criminal offence because people may experience very serious side effects that can cause permanent damage to your health. Make sure to stick with herbal supplements like I recommend here to boost your libido or consult your doctor for a professional medical opinion.

Have you tried Libidfit? What was it like? Leave a comment below!
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