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Maxoderm Review
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Maxoderm is an amazing male enhancement cream. The purpose of this product is to increase your sensitivity so sex feels more pleasurable. I have seen some great results using this cream – which is a rare thing for me to say – as many products on the market aren’t very effective.

Read the full review below, and make sure to visit the official Maxoderm website here.

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Another cream review! The lubricant that we are looking at today is called Maxoderm. I picked this one up here at my local Wal-mart in Detroit. I rarely see new male enhancement products at big box stores but when I do I pick them up immediately to test them out.

Maxoderm claims to boost the quality of your erection, combat ED, and produce more pleasure while you are having sex. Let’s dig into it.

Note: This is only a Maxoderm review – to visit the official website please click here.

Maxoderm Review: What Is It?

Maxoderm is a cream that you rub into your penis that promote significantly harder erections, it makes sex more pleasurable, is condom safe, and claims to help men with erectile dysfunction get and stay hard.

It is a 100% all natural formula that starts working as soon as you apply the lubricant. It uses a patented formula that enables blood flow to the penis. The company claims that Maxoderm can increase the size of your erection, make you last longer in bed, and enhances sexual performance.

The company claims that Maxoderm starts working during the first application. Read more about this here.

How Does Maxoderm work?

Maxoderm’s patented formula works through the process of “transdermal delivery”. What transdermal delivery is, is the targeted absorption of nutrients. When you apply Maxoderm to your penis its patented formula gets absorbed directly. This lets Maxoderm start working immediately. Once the formula is applied, it allows blood to flow more freely in your penis so you get extremely rock hard erections.

How Do You Use Maxoderm?

Put one or two small drops of Maxoderm and massage them into your penis for about 10 minutes until you are fully stimulated. Then re-apply the cream liberally once you are fully hard. You only need to use this cream when you plan on using it. It is not like other creams that claim you need to use them consistently to see results, as that does not really make sence.
Maxoderm review

Ingredients in Maxoderm:

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Muira Pauma
  • Catauba Extract

I would recommend that you visit the official Maxoderm website to learn more about each of the ingredients and what they do. I will link to the website at the bottom of this article.

My Thoughts & Experience with Maxoderm

I had the chance to use Maxoderm for 3 weeks sporadically. I didn’t have a super involved testing system. I just remembered to use it before I had sex with my girlfriend. I followed the instructions on the tube and massaged the lubricant into my penis until I was hard. I applied liberally again and started having sex. When I pulled out I notice that my erection was massive, it was one of those oversize erections which was absolutely fantastic. There was a definite increase in sensitivity without affecting the length of our session. I would highly recommend the product.


  • Promotes insane erections
  • Starts working instantly
  • All natural ingredients, no side effects
  • Available at Walmart


  • Not every Walmart carries this brand
  • Clinical study says its effective on 75 percent of men

I had a great experience with Maxoderm. I love the fact that it is available at big box stores and that it is made with all natural ingredients. My erection size was through the roof after a liberal application of the cream and some stimulation so the cream was definitely doing its job. Maxoderm gets my stamp of approval!

If you are interested in buying Maxoderm I will put a link to the official website at the bottom of this article that you can use to take advantage of a special discount.

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Have you tried Maxoderm? What kind of experience have you had with this product? Leave a comment below!

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