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ProlargentSize Review: How Indian Spammers Make Money

ProlargentSize Review
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Do not buy ProlargentSize. This supplement is marketed by spammers that are based in India. If you buy it you either will be wasting your money or get your credit card details stolen – so AVOID THIS PILL.

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I came across ProlargentSize on my YouTube channel. Many of my videos started getting comments like “have you tried prolargentsize? I hear it works good..”. I know this tactic. On many of my competitors pages the same comment was popping up. Each comment was written in broken English and is clearly the work of some Indian internet marketing team. So if you have seen these comments on the internet, or were thinking of purchasing ProLargentSize, read this ProlargentSize review first before you make your final decision.

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ProLargentSize Review:
ProlargentSize review

A scam. I’m not trying to shock you or get your attention here. It is just a plain old scam. It claims that you can gain inches in penis length, cure erectile dysfunction, and even increase how much muscle you have without even working out.

I took a look at the official website and the entire thing is well designed but it is completely designed in broken English. You would think that they would get a native English speaker to proofread their content. It is also worth nothing that they are an “International Export Company” and not a real supplement company.

What is ProlargentSize?

They claim to have a ton of awards but after doing research I have come to the conclusion that this is just a lie to boost sales on their website.

ProlargentSize Ingredients:

This supplement is just glorified horny goat weed in a bottle. It will not be able to deliver on the claims that it is making around the internet. Basically it is a foreign supplement website designed in broken English that uses YouTube spam tactics to try and drive traffic. It probably works too because people are so desperate to believe these claims. That is why I started this website to actually cut through this bullshit rather than people fall victim to it all the time.

There are a few other ingredients in this supplement that come from Chinese herbal medicine, but who the hell knows if the supplement actually contains them or not. They are probably just selling some sort of green powder in a capsule that contains God-knows-what.

There are no legitimate reviews of this product either – probably because most people realize that this is just spam.


Because of my concern with this company I would recommend that you stay very far away from this supplement. They use spam tactics to market their supplement and the ingredients listed definitely do not produce the results that they claim. Aside from their listed ingredients, there is no way to actually verify what is in the supplement because it definitely comes from overseas and their is no regulator that looks into what the supplement contains. Steer clear at all costs and focus on a supplement that actually provides value.

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Have you tried ProlargentSize? Does it seem fishy to you? Leave a comment below.

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