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Premjact Review
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I can’t believe a product like this actually exists! It is absolutely hilarious.

Please do me a favor and DO NOT BUY this product – it makes your penis completely numb and desensitized. Sure it may work in that sense but it completely defeats the purpose!

Read about my full experience below.

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Premjact is a spray that is used to delay premature ejaculation. Now premature ejaculation is no laughing matter, but this particular product is. I don’t have much experience with premature ejaculation but now I know that it will have to be settled with something other than Premjact. It completely numbed my penis! Read more in this quick Premjact review.

It is so ridiculous that even VICE did a write up of this supplement that you can find below…

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VICE Premjact Review:

It’s too bad that I picked up Premjact on a trip to Europe before I read this review – I’ll get into my experience below.


Premjact Ingredients:

The main ingredient that makes Premjact work is a drug called lidocaine. It is a mild numbing agent that is often used by doctors and dentists. The idea behind it is when you apply it to your penis you will not feel the same amount of sensation and therefore not have any issues with premature ejaculation.

You are supposed to apply Premjact onto your penis about 10-15 minutes before you have sex and make sure its rubbed in. You are able to use Premjact with a condom – just be sure not to ingest it.

Premjact Pros:

  • ┬áIt actually numbs your penis

Premjact Cons:

  • You can’t feel anything
  • Your partner can’t feel anything

My Experience:

I used Premjact only once and once was enough. When I was having sex I couldn’t feel a thing! It took the issue to an entirely new level! It completely desensitized me AND my partner. She didn’t even want to sleep with me and we didn’t get full feeling back until the morning.

I would not recommend this product because it makes sex completely unenjoyable. Not only do I not want to use it again, my partner won’t let me.

Premjact gets 0 out of 5 stars. It works if you want to sacrifice all feeling. Just don’t buy it.

What are some tactics you have used to fight premature ejaculation? Leave a comment below!

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