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ProSolution Plus Review
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There is so much to love in this new formulation of ProSolution – namely:

Helps Address Erectile Dysfunction
Boosts Sex Drive, Increases Orgasm Quality, Increases Erection Quality
Boosts Confidence & Relationship Satisfaction
100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
FDA Approved

I saw fantastic results trialling the new formula. If you have used ProSolution in the past, ProSolution+ is it’s new supercharged brother. You can visit the official website here. Make sure to leave a rating below.

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***Update 2019***

Prosolution has recently re-formulated their Prosolution Pills formula to make Prosolution PLUS! I got my hands on it and did an in-depth review that you can find here. It is a brand new formula designed to help fight ED. They are still selling their original Prosolution Pills for those who like the old formula, but it is worth checking out! Below is my original Prosolution review – enjoy!

Note: This is only a ProSolution+ review – you can visit the official website here.

Hey guys, so before I started this blog in the first place, Prosolution Pills was the first male enhancement supplement that I used. It is a premium male enhancement brand that has over a 10 year track record in the industry. It’s an all natural formula with some really effective ingredients. I got my hands on a 3 month supply and have been testing it out – now I’m ready to share the results with you guys. So in this review we’ll get into what Prosolution Pills are, how they work, and my experience with this supplement.

What is ProSolution?

Prosolution is an all-natural male enhancement product that was designed to treat erectile dysfunction, strengthen your erection by allowing more blood into the penis, and boosting your sexual energy. They are also one of the only major male enhancement brands that are actually FDA approved.

The brand has been on the market for over fourteen years. It has been featured in major  magazines like Maxim, and Men’s Health. It can be used alone to increase sex drive and erectile dysfunction or it can be used to help solidify gains with a product like the bathmate. For many guys it has solved erection problems and has had a lasting effect on sexual performance.

What are the ingredients in ProSolution?

All the ingredients in Prosolution are natural so there are no side effects.

A few of the key ingredients are:

  1. Korean Ginseng – this herb is known to increase the quality and hardness of your erection, improve sex drive and sexual satisfaction in men. It also increases overall stamina and energy.
  2. Butea superb – is a native herb from Thailand and is known as an aphrodisiac. It is very popular in Asia as an herb that has rejuvenating effects and may also improve sexual vigor.
  3. Drilizen™ – another recent addition to improve Prosolution Pills. This ingredient improves testosterone levels. This helps increase erection hardness, sexual stamina, and gives you more control over your orgasms during sex.

For a complete list of Prosolution’s ingredients check out their official website here. 

The Complete ProSolution System:

There is a little known part to the Prosolution system as well, aside from the pills they also have a gel that when used in conjunction with the pills provides a similar effect. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m hoping to pick up the product and do another video review for you guys.

When I have that ready, I’ll be sending out an e-mail through my mailing list.

My Personal Experience Using this Supplement:

I had the pleasure of using Prosolution for just about 3 months before I started this blog, and it was really the supplement that launched me into the world of male enhancement. Before I started taking Prosolution I was in a rut, was not performing in bed, and was overall dissatisfied with certain aspects of my life. I changed 3 things to get out of that rut:

  1. Started drinking more water and eating better food
  2. Started exercising daily (moderate exercise)
  3. Started taking Prosolution Pills

The first couple weeks was the hardest, I had a lot of habits to break – but once I pushed through the pain so to speak things started changing. By the end of month one, I was performing much better in bed, I was experiencing ED much left often, and my sex drive was making a comeback.

It has pretty much been uphill from that point. By the end of 3 months taking prosolution in conjunction with some lifestyle changes it led to stronger and fuller erections, better sexual stamina, increased energy and confidence, and an overall higher sex drive. All these benefits within 3 months.

That is essentially why I started this blog in the first place, to help guys like you overcome these challenges through lifestyle changes and proper supplementation.

ProSolution +

Overall Take on Pro Solution Pills:

Prosolution is an amazing supplement, it easily achieves my stamp of approval due to its effectiveness. It increases your sex drive, helps fix erectile dysfunction, and fills out your erections.

If you want to see penis size gains with this product, you will have to take it for a few months and commit to doing daily exercises like jelqing, or using a product like the bathmate which you can read about in other areas of my website.

I’ve put a link to the official ProSolution website below (UPDATE 2014: THIS NOW LINKS TO THE NEW PROSOLUTION+ FORMULA, WHICH IS PROVEN TO BE MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE).

So check out the official website to learn more about ProSolution Pills, definitely a game changing supplement with an amazing track record!
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If you have any questions or comments feel free to post a comment or question below the article or send me a private message.

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