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Vaso Ultra Review: Unethical Marketing & Dangerous

Vaso Ultra Review
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Vaso Ultra is marketed so poorly that I wasn’t even able to find out what the supplement actually contains. This is a big no-no.

If you are still able to find Vaso Ultra on the market I would highly recommend that you DO NOT BUY.

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I saw Vaso Ultra in an advertisement on a porn site. I had never seen this particular supplement advertised on the internet before so I ordered a bottle to validate the claims of growing an extra 3-4 inches on your penis (LOL). While this is clearly untrue and I have no idea why some guys fall for it – they do. So I tested out Vaso Ultra to see if it acted like a traditional male enhancement supplement.

I’m doing this review more as a warning than a real review because this product is clearly inferior. It may have the basic building blocks of a male enhancement supplement but together with its wild claims, and unethical marketing techniques, I would steer clear. Read more below in the full Vaso Ultra Review.

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Vaso Ultra Review: Hard To Find?
Vaso Ultra review

This supplement was designed to boost your penis size. As you know on this blog I debunk that myth every chance I get. You CANNOT boost your penis size with a pill, you must do manual exercises on a daily basis and only SOME supplements work to help you solidify your gains, but most don’t.

It is based on “precision vasogenic expansion technology”. What the hell does that mean? I can tell you what it means…

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It is a bunch of words strung together in a sentence to confuse you. There is no technology in a supplement. If there was you would be swallowing a pill full of tiny robots which would cause incredible damage. They also state that you do not have to do any additional exercise while using this supplement to see penis size gains.

This supplement is bullshit.

My Experience With Vaso Ultra:

None. To be honest I didn’t even bother trying this supplement. It clearly doesn’t work. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It is marketed unethically, makes impossible claims, and who knows what its ingredients are.

If a company can get away with marketing a product like Vaso Ultra is marketed, then how the hell are we supposed to know what is in the supplement? They could literally put anything they want into it. I did not try this supplement for the sake of my health and I recommend that you do not go near Vaso Ultra.

If you have happened to purchase this product, do everything in your power to get a refund. If you do not receive a refund send in a complaint to the better business bureau.

What are your thoughts on this supplement or ones like it? Leave a comment below.
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