Forget PE, Just Get Fucking Better Every Day

You heard me.

Is penis size important to you? If yes, then how important is it? Are you sure that PE is the one single thing that will make you a better man? Think about it and set priorities. Are you getting a bigger penis to please women or please yourself? Think long and hard about it. I’ll tell you why this is important.

But Derrick! You Run a PE Website!

I know I do, and this website is here to help you guys man up and get better every day as well, PE is only an aspect of this website. I’m writing this particular post to tell you that the things you should focus on to make you more confident are: Strength Training, Education, Business/Career, Travel, and Public Speaking. If you pursue these aspects of yourself then you will never have self confidence issues again.

So take a step back from penis enlargement for one moment and ask yourself what is it about yourself that really needs improving.

What Do You Mean By Getting Better Everyday?

Think about what excites you. Also think about the man you want to become. Matthew McConaughey said this perfectly at the 2014 Oscars during his speech. He always had this idea of who he wanted to be 10 years in the future and he constantly worked to get to that point to become that person. By the time he got to that point he saw that the person that he wanted to become was still 10 years away, so he kept on working just as hard to get to that point. When he reached that point he found that he had still not become the man that he had envisioned for himself. So think about that. But then think of the 20 years of self improvement work that he put into those goals – goals that are in reality unattainable. They are ideals.

That 20 years that he worked improving himself may not have turned him into the man he strived to be, but he became something totally different and a he became a much stronger, smarter, healthier, and confident person because of it.

So there is the rule, get better every. fucking. day. You’ll be healthier, stronger, happier, and wiser for it.


Action Steps:

1. Think about what you really want and write it down on a list, if a bigger penis still makes the list, then write it down.

2. For each one of those goals categorize them into short, medium, and long term goals.

3. Take tiny actionable steps towards those goals every single day.

We are all on this journey together boys, the beauty is that no one will ever make it to the finish line, they can only make better versions of themselves every single day.

How do you get better every day? What goals do you strive towards? Leave a comment below!

Keep it real.
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