Nothing Comes Easy: Big Dicks & Hot Chicks

Take a look at that! You want a woman of that quality? Well I will tell you right here that, this kind of quality is NOT going to be an easy feat for most men. If you want a smoking hot girlfriend/wife, you will have to work for it. If you want a big dick, you will have to work for it. If you want to improve your station in life, well, you will have to WORK FOR IT. Nothing will ever be handed to you on a silver platter unless your daddy has millions of dollars.

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The Value of Hard Work:

There is an incredible value in hard work. It doesn’t matter what you are working towards all that matters is that you are working towards it. Do you want a bigger dick? Do you realize that this doesn’t come easy and it takes a minimum of 6 months (for some guys up to a year) of daily pumping, stretching, exercising, supplementation, and dedication? Is that something you want to do? Are you willing to put in the 30 minutes every day it will take to make that happen? If not – then see you later buddy! The rest of us are going to be grinding towards our goals while you are left in the dust.

Let’s apply this example to another aspect of life – finances. Who do you think is going to be better off in the long run and feel more satisfied with themselves? The man who moved to a new country with no money whatsoever who worked his ASS off for 10 years to pull in $100,000 a year and turn himself and his families life around? Or the 21 year old son of a multi-millionaire who has never wanted nor will ever want and will get everything in his life handed to him?

The answer is obvious. The man who grinds and walks the hard path. He will prevail every time. He set a goal and he achieved it and he realizes that nothing of value comes easy – it has to be earned.

What Happens When You Don’t Work Hard?

The answer is simple: you achieve mediocre results in every aspect of your life. You will have an average body, you will have average friends, you will make average money, and you will have an average girlfriend. You may say “Hey Derrick! I’m happy with my body, friends, and girlfriend!”. To that I say, “That’s great, but you’re still average, and I think you know it”. I’m not saying that you have to become a millionaire, all I am saying is that you have to work hard towards your goals if you do not want to be average. You have to be good at something and you have to want something. If all you want in the world is to just chill and enjoy your life on a beach, but you are $50,000 in debt, then you better get your ass in gear and save $100,000 so you can pay off your debt and make that happen. It’s a hard fucking road but you will never get out of your current situation if you don’t start walking it.

Remember, everything that you have ever wanted has been got and is had by someone alive today, so there is nothing stopping you. Jump out of your little bubble and come conquer the world with me.

Always remember this: nothing comes easy. When you finally realize this, then the entire world will be in front of you and you will be farther ahead than a vast majority of people.

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