“Magic Pills” Are Making You Sick

Stop taking “magic pills”. These are pills that you see in online advertisements, that are advertised on TV, are unnecessary pharmaceuticals that can cause harm to your body, and new “miracle” supplements that are featured every single week on shows like Dr. Oz. These are all bullshit and really provide you with no value.

Read more about how to spot a fake supplement.

Pill of the Week:

That is basically what you are being sold. Have you noticed how new supplements come on to the market? A bogus clinical study is released by the company that is actually releasing the supplement, it is picked up by a major TV show like Dr. Oz where they explain how a specific compound can help you lose weight/boost testosterone or whatever, and then people buy it like crazy.

It is all part of a mass marketing system to keep the market rolling. These people are making money off trends and fads. If you are buying a supplement stick to ones that are backed by REAL clinical studies and tons of user reviews. (Side note: these reviews should also be easily accessible and google search results should not be marred by spam sites, that is the key sign of an untrustworthy brand).

Why These Pills Don’t Work:

Because they have unsubstantiated claims. Plain and simple. Do you think taking a pill will give you a bigger penis? No. Do you think taking a pill will make you lose weight on its own? Absolutely not! All these pills are, are supplements that are supposed to aid in your weight loss/male enhancement efforts.

They take a concentrated ingredient that has been briefly studied and thrown it into a pill. People then expect this new compound to be the most effective new thing on the market! Well life does not work like that. Supplementation is very similar to my training and PE philosophy. We do not need targeted nutrients, the food web is just like training our bodies. We need aspects of many different nutrients for completely healthy bodies. Nutrients benefit each other and too much of one supplement is most likely to be rendered useless. For example, you can’t absorb a calcium supplement without magnesium, and for the most part people don’t know that and are literally pissing their money away!

How Do I Avoid These Supplements?

Stop watching Dr. Oz for one! And just focus on living a healthy active lifestyle with a good diet. That is all you need to know unless you are training for a specific purpose or have specific goals. I would recommend following the steps that I outlined in my peace of mind post. Stop focusing on being sold to (this happens subconsciously) and start focusing on the goals you want to achieve and make them happen! You have to combat this distraction with another.

Have you ever tried a “pill of the week”? How did you come across it? Leave a comment below!
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