Opinion: Top 4 Aspects of a Well Rounded Man

What makes a man well rounded? I’m pretty sure that every single guy on the planet wants to become a better man. He wants to be healthier, happier, and more confident. He wants to provide for his family and be attractive to women and/or his wife.

I have been contemplating this particular subject for a while and I thought I would write down my opinions on what makes a truly well rounded man. Read more to find out.

Shallow Misconceptions:

A well rounded man doesn’t mean having the biggest penis, the most money, or having the ability to picking up the most women. These are all shallow misconceptions about what it means to be confident/successful in the Western influenced world that we live in today.

I think that being a well rounded man includes:

1. Respecting your body and keeping healthy

Being a well rounded man means always striving to be your best. And in my opinion I don’t think that you can strive to be your best if you are not healthy and physically fit. This optimizes your biological state which enables you to think clearly, work hard, stay motivated, and be confident. All of this is based in biology and is the starting point to any well rounded man.

2. Following your heart

Everybody struggles with this one, especially the ones who choose to follow their hearts. When you follow your heart it is the scariest possible path that you can take in life. Everything you do is uncertain. But it builds confidence, character, and satisfies you in ways that cannot be explained. This is why people always tell you to do something that scares you every single day. It is the most exciting/scary/fulfilling/dangerous way to live. It can be a lonely, lonely path, but this is the only way you will not regret aspects of your life.

3. Taking care of your family with your wife

Many men fall into the trap of only focusing on themselves and making themselves better. But in my opinion if you have a wife, son/daughter then it is your responsibility as a man to care for them, love them, and help make them better people. If they are understanding they will support you in whatever pursuit you may wish to follow, but they need you and you need them. They will enrich your life in so many ways. If you are in an abusive relationship, think of the children first, your actions have a direct effect on them and will dictate how they live their life going forward.

4. Stop Focusing on Becoming “Alpha” and Become Yourself

Develop hobbies, find interests, meet interesting people. There are so many lives to live in this world find the kind of people and things that you gravitate towards and leverage your strengths. You’ll be better off for it.

Most importantly, it is only a journey, so make the most of it and realize that we are all in this journey together. So be kind and support other people along the way as well.

What do you think makes a well rounded man? Leave your comments below.
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