Penis Pump History: Then & Now, 1890s to 2014

Trying to develop the biggest penis size possible is not a new pursuit. There have been tribes in Africa using the weight hanging technique for a couple thousand years to maximize the size of their penis for cultural reasons. In a Western context, the penis pump was first develop in the late 1800’s as a solution for erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Read more to find out how the pump developed over 100 years.

History of Penis Pumps

The first penis pump was developed in the late 1800’s and it was a traditional vacuum style pump. It didn’t take off – partially because it wasn’t considered acceptable at the time. This very first pump set the primer for the rest of the pumps to come in the 20th century – both in design and in function.

The first device was designed as a cylinder with a large metal pump to get the vacuum going. The method was quite efficient even for back then.


This time period was considered to be the sexual revolution, and so penis pumps became more widespread and socially acceptable. They were no longer being used for strictly medicinal use. There was also a significant price drop due to mass manufacturing becoming more and more prevalent.

Not only was this a time for the development of penis pumps, but also a booming time for sex toys and personal sexual exploration. 


Not much actually changed in the penis pumps design during this time period. It kept the original vacuum pump style that became most well known through the Austin Power’s movies. During the next phase is when the pump revolution happened…


This is when penis pumps began to really take off. The pumps became an FDA approved medical device to help with the treatment of erectile dysfunction and even started offering a fund to help people suffering from ED the funds to purchase a device.

Studies started popping up showcasing the effectiveness of penis pump – with huge results for guys around the world treating medical issues and increasing penis size. You started to be able to find these pumps in sex shops, and through numerous retailers online. You can get your penis pump covered by medicare with a doctor’s prescription which is fantastic too.

Present Day

We have seen a MASSIVE explosion in the world of penis pumps. Bathmate really paved the way in making water based penis pumps the way of the future. They have been proven to be the most effective and they have sold over 2 million units worldwide.

Technology has pushed pumps to the point where there is no longer negative side effects to the pump like the ones that were very common in air pumps. There are a number of premium brands on the market like the Bathmate and the Penomet. These are extremely effective pumps and have truly innovated the world of penis pumps.


There is a brief history on how penis pumps have developed over the course of a century! They have always been effective and even more so today. So rest assured that your purchase is backed by over 100+ years of great results and medical history.

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