Turn Off the Fucking News

The news affects how you live your day to day life. It affects how you think and what you think. They keep your mind focused on issues that are completely meaningless to the public at large and especially meaningless to you and your day to day life.

Why should you turn off the news? Because it will change the way you think about the world. It will allow you to think clearer and focus more on issues that directly benefit your life. Read more to find out some tactics.

 The Problem With the News Today

News today is basically a glorified tabloid magazine. They like to think they are important and add value to your life but they really don’t at all. Who wants to know what celebrities are up to? Why not just enjoy them in your favourite films. They aren’t characters they are real people and they play characters for a living. People are only obsessed with them because the majority of people lead very uninteresting lives. You could be using this time to make your OWN life much more interesting.

The news glorifies teenage pregnancy, promotes completely biased political propaganda, selectively filters what they will actually report on, and is filled with “shocking” news so that it keeps your attention so it can continue to make money.

What about all the good things happening in the world? What if a broadcast news organization replaced “fear, murder, terrorism, and celebrities” with “local charities, people doing good, REAL world issues, and people working hard”. People’s psyches would actually begin to change. It would be amazing for this to happen.

So turn off broadcast news – it is melting your brain and affecting the way you think about the world. It is giving you uninformed, corporate sponsored messages that provide no real value to the world.

When Is News Appropriate?

This is the beauty of the internet. News is appropriate if it focuses on issues that ACTUALLY affect world peace or if it is industry specific. For example, Al Jazeera is one of the world’s best news organizations and it is based in the middle east. It recently launched here in the United States but it has been extremely popular around the world for over a decade because it actually digs deep into real world conflicts. I would recommend that you follow these guys on twitter to actually get some important world news.

News is also appropriate if it is industry specific. If you are in the car manufacturing industry then you are going to want to follow the latest trade magazines and leading voices in that particular field to keep your knowledge cutting edge. This applies to every industry whether it be the porn industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Staying cutting edge can help you be successful and make a lot of money while advancing your career – this kind of news has real tangible value.

How has news affected your life? Are you willing to cut it out? If not, how do you get value from it? Leave a comment below.
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