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African Superman Review: Dangerous Pill

African Superman Review
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The supplement “African Superman” was recalled by both the FDA and the Australian Government. It is made in China and has been proven to include dangerous pharmaceutical compounds in it. Avoid at all costs.

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***UPDATE 2014***

Stop taking African Superman supplements! The FDA and Australian governments have issued warnings that this supplement contains undisclosed pharmaceutical ingredients that can be terrible for your health. This quote is from the Australian government’s website:

“African Superman tablets pose a serious risk to your health and should not be taken.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has tested African Superman tablets and found that they contain:

  • the undeclared prescription substance sildenafil.
  • consumers are advised that sildenafil is a prescription-only substance (which is the active ingredient in Viagra).
  • it also contained traces of the undeclared prescription substancestadalafil and glibenclamide.
  • consumers are advised that tadalafil is a prescription-only medicine (which is the active ingredient in Cialis) and glibenclamide is a prescription only substance used for blood glucose control.

The supply of African Superman tablets is illegal.” See the SOURCE.

If you were thinking of purchasing this product, please do not, and if you have purchased this product then please return it to your local pharmacy for proper disposal and DO NOT flush it down the toilet or throw it in the garbage. I have left the original African Superman review intact below:

Read more to find out about this supplement.

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African Superman Review: Details

African Superman is a male enhancement supplement that is manufactured in Asia, where there are little to no regulations regarding the creation and sale of male enhancement supplements (or any supplement for that matter). The goal of this supplement was to get you ready to go for sex and provide you with a rock hard erection and raging sex drive. There is not an official website and it is often sold through obscure 3rd party e-commerce websites.
African Superman review

How Does This Supplement Work?

Well, it turns out that this supplement works through the inclusion of pharmaceutical drugs which is why it was getting so many positive reviews. It is marketed as an all natural supplement but it is clearly not and can cause significant side effects due to these pharmaceutical drugs included in the product.

Basically it is a fast acting drug and because of it’s illegal ingredients it will start working automatically.

What Ingredients Are in this Supplement?

Very strange ones in fact:

  • Young Stag Antler
  • Buffalo Penis
  • Scalper’s Penis
  • Matrimony Vine
  • Lily
  • (undisclosed ingredients include illegal pharmaceutical drugs)

I have not heard of any of these ingredients before and would not recommend taking them because of the lack of documented research. And since this supplement is made and marketed in Asia you have no idea what is actually going into this product which is why it is illegal in many countries.


  • None


  • Contains pharmaceuticals (undisclosed)
  • Nobody has heard of the ingredients included
  • Probably doesn’t contain what it says it does
  • Potentially dangerous to your health

Where Can You Buy This?

You can buy this supplement from various online retailers as the company does not have an official website. You can even find it on Amazon. I would recommend that you DO NOT BUY this supplement as it could be very dangerous to your health.


Under no circumstances can I recommend that you take this supplement. It is becoming increasingly popular online but it is illegal in many countries, and contains ingredients that it has not listed that have the potential to be very dangerous to your health. If you are looking for something this strong go to your doctor and get a diagnosis for your issue and a prescription so you can guarantee that you are getting quality medication. If this is something you are just looking into I would recommend that you look into equally effective all-natural male enhancement supplements made by reputable companies in the USA. You can find my top 3 reviews on the supplements below.

If you have tried African Superman please leave a comment below to let people know your experience with this supplement, and whether you recommend it or not!
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