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Vazomyne Review: A Scam & How Derrick Lost Money

Vazomyne Review
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This supplement does not work – straight up. There is no way for a supplement to address premature ejaculation. The only way you can address that is to reduce stimulation, and work on psychological aspects of yourself. So save your money and buy a supplement that actually works!

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Vazomyne is a supplement that has an all-natural formulation that focuses on boosting your sex drive and erection quality and the other is designed to help stop premature ejaculation. This review will be relatively short and sweet because supplements like this just don’t work. Right off the bat I’m going to tell you that supplements cannot address premature ejaculation. If they do then it is acting as a placebo. You either need a topical application like a cream or it is psychological and it is caused by nerves.

I’m going to give you a rundown of this supplement with all the available information I could find, and why it is best to avoid it. Read more to find out.

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Vazomyne Review: How Does It Work?

Vazomyne is a supplement that is designed to combat premature ejaculation. What this really means is that a sleazy marketer has found out something that people are insecure about and made a product to address it and make a profit. This supplement will not work as anything other than a placebo. If you are looking to increase your sex drive it may work but I honestly wouldn’t count on it.

It seems to me that every other website and review on the internet is completely biased and trying to sell this supplement. I will state it again. Premature ejaculation issues cannot be solved by a supplement. If you are honestly concerned about your premature ejaculation then you can see a doctor for a solution. It is most of the time caused by nerves and a lack of confidence as well.

Vazomyne review

Why the Ingredients in Vazomyne Don’t Work

All of these ingredients will work for boosting your sex drive, but will not do what the supplement claims.

  • L-arginine (boosts erection quality)
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Damiana Leaf

These are all herbal aphrodisiacs that will not do what the company claims they will. They will boost sex drive. I would recommend you get a different supplement if that is something you are interested in. I would go into how to take Vazomyne but I’m not going to because you should get something that is credible.

Vazomyne Pros:

  • Good all-natural ingredients
  • Will boost sex drive


  • Unethical marketing message
  • Will NOT help with premature ejaculations
  • No clinical studies
  • All reviews are biased

You can only buy this particular supplement through its official website which is not a good sign. To me it is indicative of a money making scheme rather than focusing on providing any sort of value for the customers. There is also no money back guarantee.


Basically, do not buy Vazomyne. It does not work. There is no way to address premature ejaculation in this way as the root causes are much more deep set. If it is a serious issue for you I would recommend that you contact a physician or a psychologist to try and get to the bottom of this. Vazomyne may boost your sex drive but if this is something you are focused on doing I would recommend that you go with a more reputable supplement like some of the brands I’ve reviewed on this website. You can find those via the link below.Top 3 Supplements

If you have used Vazomyne make sure to leave a comment below this article to let others know your experience.

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