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Erousa Review: An Illegal Supplement

Erousa Review
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Avoid this supplement. It was recalled by the FDA and was found to contain illegal pharmaceuticals. Buy at your own risk.

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I am highlighting the supplement Erousa as a story to enlighten my readers at the scams that are prevalent in the male enhancement industry and why it is important to only purchase brands from reputable vendors and have a large following and ethical history. I will also go into why some supplements like Erousa were found to be so immediately effective (and dangerous to your health.)

Erousa was a supplement that was designed to give you an erection and boost your sex drive like crazy. If was extremely effective and at one point I actually tried it out. Read more to find out what happened.

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Erousa Review: How Does It Work?

Erousa was a male enhancement supplement that was found to contain trace elements of pharmaceutical ingredients, which made it super effective and ultimately illegal in the United States. A few years ago this particular supplement was so popular that it actually had commercial spots and major brand recognition. It was marketed with the ability to provide instant erections and bigger sex drive, as well as more sexual stamina.

It was extremely effective, and after the FDA did an investigation into the supplement it was found that it contained trace elements of sildenafil – the active ingredient in Viagra.

The Controversy:

In late 2009 the Federal Drug Administration made the announcement that they had found trace amounts of Viagra in Erousa and the company that made the supplement then closed up shop to avoid any legal troubles. They got into so much trouble because the ingredient that caused all the results – the pharmaceutical drugs – was not listed on the supplement which makes the action extra illegal.

Doing this puts many people at risk because this drug ingredient can come with many side effects – and men with any sort of heart condition are especially vulnerable.
Erousa review

Where Can You Find Erousa Now?

Erousa has been taken off the shelves and is no longer available. If you are interested in buying Viagra you will have to:

  1. Consider if it is really necessary
  2. Consult your doctor and get a prescription

Whatever you do, do not try and buy Viagra on the internet or buy male enhancement supplements that are not tested by third parties. Make sure it is a reputable brand and they have done testing to make sure that there is no illegal or undisclosed ingredient inside it.


This particular story is quite scary because it was revealed that a company based in the USA was manufacturing and marketing a product that contained undisclosed prescription ingredients. Always make sure to buy from a brand you trust and not brands like Erousa that were trying to make a quick buck. Look for a future post that I plan on making in the coming months which will be a comprehensive list of banned male enhancement supplements. I would recommend that you take a look at my top 3 recommended all-natural male enhancement supplements on the page I link to below. They are all independently tested and guaranteed to provide natural and effective results.Top 3 Supplements

Did you try Erousa before it was taken off the shelves? Did you see any side effects? Make sure to leave a comment below.

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