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Innerthrive Review: How Derrick Got Scammed

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I looked into the Innerthrive system and it turns out that this supplement “system” has been proven to be a scam. It is not effective and there are scam reports all over the internet.

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Innerthrive is a testosterone boosting supplement that is designed by an American company. They claim to give you back all of your youthful vitality by restoring your testosterone levels to like they were in your teenage years. Everybody knows that testosterone can only be boosted by healthy eating, lifting weights, and having sex. Plain and simple. It also helps when you are not overweight.

Innerthrive has taken a lot of heat in the past few years because nobody has been seeing results with them. I came across over 17 articles claiming that Innerthrive was a complete scam. I did some research into this and found out why. Read more to find out.

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Innerthrive Review: How Does It Work?

Innerthrive is an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement package that is marketed to men over 30. It is marketed as a 2 part system – whatever that means.

The website is terribly designed and provides almost no information. The companies’ name and product are scam ridden and their are a ton of scam reports all over the internet from people being ripped off by the company. This is not great news for this particular company. Off the bat I would recommend that you go with something else.
Innerthrive review

What is a 2 Part System?

Completely pointless in my opinion! The company has designed a system called T-Restore and T-Protect. This supposedly makes the body boost testosterone while “protecting testosterone”. Testosterone can’t be “protected”! That literally doesn’t make sense. If you want to protect testosterone make sure to lift heavy weights and eat clean. Apparently one part of the system stops testosterone from being turned into estrogen.

Do you understand what I just wrote above? Me neither. I don’t think the company has any idea what it means either. That is why there are so many scam reports online.

Where Can I Buy InnerThrive?

I’m not even going to tell you. Don’t buy this you will be getting ripped off. They have a money back guarantee but from what I have read they have not actually refunded any money which has got them into legal trouble.

Scam Reports:

You can check out the various scam reports on Innerthrive that I have found around the internet, I will list a few here for you to check:


  • None


  • Everything else

Under no circumstances would I recommend that you buy Innerthrive. The company clearly rips off customers with a bogus product and unethical selling tactics. There are hundreds of complaints and negative reviews about them all over the internet so steer clear. If you are looking for an alternative to boosting your testosterone I have to let you know a little secret: no supplement will let you do this. You either need a pharmaceutical drug which comes with a ton of side effects (although it may be necessary for some people) or you have to change your lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle means: eat healthy food, lose excess fat, and lift heavy weights. That’s all. You can look through my blog for different recommendations on how to do that.

If you have had issues with Innerthrive make sure to leave a comment below this article to inform other consumers about the dangers of this product.
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