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Jes Extender Review
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The Jes Extender is by no means a bad penis extender – it just doesn’t compare to others on the market. When looking for a quality extender I would recommend that you take a look at my top 3 penis extenders page for guaranteed quality and results.

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Today we are going to be taking a look at the JesExtender. The JesExtender is an extender device manufactured by the same company as the SizeGenetics, which means it is backed by years of development. I got my hands on this model to do a rundown of the pros and cons and compare it to my previous extender experience. As a disclaimer, I want to let you guys know that I saw my gains using the SizeGenetics extender, and I am simply reviewing this extender.

Note: For the best extenders on the market, I would recommend you take a look at my top 3 extenders page.

Read the review below.

Jes Extender Review: What is the JesExtender?
Jes Extender review

The JesExtender is a traction device, which stretches the penis and promotes new cell growth as you add more tension over time. The device causes cells to divide, causing forced penile growth. The Jes Extender provides a very effective permanent long term penis length and girth increases.

The device comes packed in a very well designed package, they did a fantastic job designing it. The device is packed as a kit that includes the base of the device, traction bars, a band, and a silicon strap. The main pieces of the device are made of silicon to keep the whole unite together. The growth of the penis is reliant on the traction bars, as you wear the device over a period of time, you add more traction bars to increase your size gains. Read more about this here.

How the Jes Extender Compares with the SizeGenetics

The Jes Extender is essentially based off of the SizeGenetics, it has got the same general components and is in my opinion, just as effective. The only difference is that the JesExtender is a bit more affordable due to it not having SizeGenetics’ patented 16 way comfort system. The Jes Extender is a great product though nonetheless and I would definitely recommend looking into it if you are looking for a quality budget extender.

Its money back guarantee is not as good as some of my other favorite extenders.
Jes Extender review

My Opinion on the Jes Extender

My personal results with the Jes Extender were fantastic. I had used the Size Genetics for about 4 months and saw some AMAZING gains with that particular device. I’ve decided to try out the Jes extender to see how is compared and it seems to be built the exact same way as the Size Genetics. It fit comfortably, was a manageable weight, and was just as snug as the SizeGenetics. It also had a good tension which wasn’t too strong and very comfortable.

For the quality you get for the price I would definitely recommend the Jes Extender. It is a very reasonable cost. Although if you have the money to spend you will definitely want to get the SizeGenetics – my number 1 rated extender. It is extremely comfortable and has the best track record.

Check out the link below to see my top 3 extenders pageĀ if you want an affordable, high quality extender that achieves guaranteed results.
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