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Libup Review
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Libup is an interesting supplement in the sense that it is said to work for both men and women. After I looked into this supplement I don’t see why it wouldn’t work to boost your libido – just don’t expect it to increase your erection quality! Definitely worth a go.

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When I first found out about Libup I was genuinely shocked because it is an enhancement supplement that is marketed to both men and women. In my experience in the male enhancement world I definitely have noticed that there are ingredients in male enhancement supplements that I wouldn’t necessarily put in supplements for women, with this in mind I wanted to see how Libup pulled this off so I did some research into the product.

I did some research into what Libup was, how it works, and how couples can use it together. Read more to find out how in this Libup review.

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Libup Review:

Libup is an enhancement supplement that can be used together by couples. This increases sex drive in both male and female and can make love making sessions very, very stimulating and exciting. It is manufactured by a company called NaturoMeds and the supplement can be bought through various online retailers.

Libup is a slow acting supplement due to its all-natural herbal ingredients and the company recommends that you take 1-2 pills per day as the results will start to stack over time. This supposedly works for both males and females.
Libup review

What Ingredients are in Libup?

This is one area I was particularly interested in because different ingredients have different effects on males and females, and I think Libup found a good way to see very good results in both sexes by excluding some key testosterone boosting ingredients. The ingredients are primarily herbal aphrodisiacs that are only sometimes seen in male enhancement supplements.

Two common ingredients that are found in many supplements are Indian Ginseng (also known as Withania Somnifera) and Piper Nigrum.

Other rarely used ingredients include crocus sativas, bombax ceiba, orchis mascula, and shilajit.


  • All natural
  • Can be used by both sexes
  • Depending on the retailer you can sometimes get a refund


  • Doesn’t address erectile dysfunction
  • Kind of expensive
  • Unpopular ingredients


Libup is a very cool supplement judging by my research. It would be exciting to use with a girlfriend or wife or whoever and that is one of the products biggest selling points. Although that being said most of the ingredients aren’t too familiar with me and I can’t speak on how well they will work. That being said I wouldn’t see any problem with trying it out. If you do try it out please leave a comment below so you can help the community make an informed buying decision! I wouldn’t recommend buying this if you are looking to solve erectile dysfunction because this supplement focuses strictly on boosting your libido.
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