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Maxis10 Review: Consumers Hate This Amazon Favorite

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Maxis10 is a male enhancement supplement that you can find on Amazon – but keep in mind that not everything that you buy on Amazon will give you good results. The Maxis10 consumer reviews are also pretty bad. The ingredient quality in general is pretty good but at the end of the day I recommend you go for a more effective option.

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Maxis10 is becoming increasingly popular on Amazon and has been getting moderate reviews. It was working for some guys and not doing a thing for others. It sounds like a classic battle of the consumer/marketer trying to get their own messages out there to sell a product.

I ordered a bottle off of Amazon because this product claimed to give you massive erections and boost libido, as well as a relatively big boost in confidence. The classic penis enlargement pill claims! These guys have to get a little more creative. With this in mind I ordered a bottle and tried the product out for a couple of weeks. Read more to find out what happened in this Maxis10 review.

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Now that you know what Maxis 10 is, I’m going to give you a rundown of its ingredients.

Maxis10 Review: Ingredients

Maxis10 is an all-naturally formulated supplement that has quite a few herbal ingredients and some amino acids. It contains catuaba bark, cinnamon barck, L-Arginine, Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha, and beta sisterol.

These support prostate health, male libido, and it is supposed to support your erection quality. All of these ingredients work together to bring more blood to your penis, which can also make it a candidate for a penis enlargement supplement to use alongside the Bathmate.

How Fast Does It Start Working?

Maxis10 is a slow acting supplement, meaning that you have to take this supplement for over a month before you start seeing any sort of noticeable difference. This is fairly common with most male enhancement supplements.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Decent reviews on Amazon


  • Haven’t found any credible reviews
  • Seems like the ingredient list was thrown together without much thought

Where Can You Get This Supplement?

You are able to get this supplement from the official website for about 50 bucks, and you will save money if you buy more than a month’s supply. It is also available at a slightly inflated price on the Amazon website from a specialty health supplement company.

Maxis10 review

My Results Using Maxis10

As I mentioned above I used Maxis10 for a period of 2 weeks to see if I noticed any changes in how I felt, my erection quality, and my energy levels. During the first week I made sure to take the supplement twice a day to get it fully through my system – no results were seen in the first week. Since I realize that this is a slow acting supplement I actually doubled the dosage during the second week to see if I could actually speed up the effect.

Honestly after my trial period was finished I feel like I had just wasted my money. I didn’t see any recognizable change in my sex drive or erection quality. I may have felt a little more energized but that may have just been because I started running in those 2 weeks as well – so I don’t think it those results were actually related to this particular supplement.


Although Maxis10 seems like a credible supplement, it didn’t give me any decent results and I wouldn’t recommend that you buy it. Some guys apparently have seen results with it but none have seen results even close to what the company claims. This is too bad, but also people shouldn’t necessarily have high expectations when ordering a random supplement off of Amazon.

Pass on this one and focus on tried and tested supplements that have been proven to show guy results like many of the ones that I have reviewed on this website. Click here for my Top 3 supplement recommendations.

Have you had experience with Maxis10? Do you have any questions? Be sure to leave a comment below!
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