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Virility Ex Review
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Virility Ex is a supplement that has gained a lot of traction in the male enhancement market. I tried it out and found that it left me jittery because of the excessive yohimbe in the product.

Not to mention the customer service provided by the Virility Ex team was extremely sub par and I had a hard time getting my money back. Video review coming soon.

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Hey guys, today we are going to be taking a look at VirilityEx. You may have come across this product on different forums and websites through your male enhancement research, and I know that it has been around for a while so I got my hands on a bottle and tried it out for 3 weeks to document the effects I noticed.Heads up, VirilityEx claims that it is a pill that can make your penis bigger WITHOUT the use of pumps, extenders, or jelqing. To me that is a major turn off. It is literally impossible for that to be true. VirilityEx is a supplement which is meant to SUPPLEMENT your penis enlargement routine. These claims don’t make the brand out to be very reputable.

So we are going to go through the good and bad points of Virility Ex, my experience with it, and other’s experiences with it.

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Virility Ex Review: What is VirilityEx?

virility ex review

VirilityEx claims to make your penis bigger, help cure erectile dysfunction (both physical and psychological), and increase your sexual stamina. The brand has been around for 8-9 years now and the company is located in California.

My issue with the statements above: notice how their claims are worded: “MAKE your penis bigger”, “CURE erectile dysfunction”. These are marketing gimmicks, supplements can HELP with the treatment of these issues, but they can’t do what this pill is claiming to do – that’s the basis of this virility ex review.

What is in VirilityEx?

VirilityEx’s formual is a blend of amino acids and a blend of herbs that stimulate blood flow into your genital area. This then leads to harder erections and increased sex drive. For most guys looking at this product, they will probably be enticed by its ability to treat “psychological” ED (erectile dysfunction). Those issues lie within a person, and can’t be fixed by a supplement.

VirilityEx contains yohimbe, tribulus, velvet antlers, eleuthero, barrenwort, muira puama, catuaba, maca, niacin, and zinc oxide. It is a pretty standard combination of things that you have no idea how to pronounce and have little scientific research to back them up. One thing though that concerned me was the presence of yohimbe. I know a lot of guys have a reaction to yohimbe – it makes them irritable and frustrated with a lot of extra energy.

virility ex review

My Opinion and Results:

So with all of my concerns in place, I set out to try VirilityEx anyway. When I first took the supplement on day 1 I felt a little warm, but that was about it. With my experience though it takes at least 2-3 weeks before you start noticing any differences from supplements. By the end of the first week I felt a little sick and irritable when I took the supplement. And then for the next 2 weeks I felt the exact same, so I stopped taking the supplement. It was strange though, I felt irritable, shaky, and a little horny. It wasn’t the greatest feeling. And in no way did my penis get bigger (surprise, surprise). All in all I would NOT recommend you buying VirilityEX because I had a terrible experience with it, and I feel like they are not a trusted brand that makes false claims. I also know that there are quite a few other guys who have experienced similar issues with the product. I think it is some form of mild allergic reaction to yohimbe. Because of this I never actually recommend products that contain yohimbe as it negatively effects myself and so many other people.

VirilityEX on the Web

If you search for this supplement on Google, you will notice that there are literally thousands of websites promoting this supplement. If you go through them you will see that they are literally full of bullshit, low quality information. There is a ton of biased information concerning this product that make false claims, and I would urge you to do your research, which I admit is pretty hard these days, but hopefully this site can help you make informed decisions.

virility ex review

My Recommendation

I would definitely steer clear from VirilityEx – it is not a respected brand, they make false claims, and it does unnatural things to your body. In my experience I saw side effects with little benefits. If you are looking for a supplement to make your penis bigger remember that no supplement can make your penis bigger on its own. You will have to use a pump, extender, or a jelqing routine, and a supplement to help solidify your gains.

I definitely encourage you to check out my top 3 recommended supplements page which I’ve linked to below. These are trusted brands that I have had great experiences with and I definitely stand behind.

Top 3 Supplements

I hope this review helped you guys out, I encourage you to leave a comment below with any questions you have or regarding your experience with this product.


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