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VPXL Review: They Lied & Cost Me Money

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VPXL definitely doesn’t get my vote for high quality male enhancement supplements. First of all they claim that this supplement will make your penis BIGGER – if you are a reader of my website you will know that there is not one supplement on the market that can actually do this – so VPXL is LYING.

Avoid this supplement – if you want a male enhancement product that will deliver a REAL RESULT check out my favorite here.

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VPXL is a supplement that claims that increase your penis size. I can tell you this before this review even actually starts – this is not true. No supplement can increase the size of your penis. The supplements that claim that they can increase your size on their own are designed by people who want to make a quick profit off of your insecurities and provide you with a product that doesn’t work.

Supplements can’t make your penis bigger, they can only boost your penis enlargement efforts. Read more to see where this company¬†went wrong in this VPXL review.

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VPXL Review: Does It Work?

VPXL is a supplement that claims it can permanently boost the size of your penis. The biggest effect that it can possibly have is that it gives you a bigger erection but even that is not guaranteed. Before even getting into it I know that it is a scam.

VPXL claims that it can give you a bigger penis and firmer erections, stronger orgasms and better control over your orgasms. That’s a lot of benefit from one pill that can make your penis bigger (sarcasm).

VPXL review

How VPXL Works

I feel like VPXL has actually just copied ingredients from generic male enhancement brands to make a quick buck. They claim their supplement boosts blood flow to the penis and stimulated new cell growth. Blood in your penis can not stimulate new cell growth. It at best can make your penis look bigger if you happen to be super turned on and super stimulated.

What is VPXL Made of?

I actually had a hard time trying to find the ingredient list of VPXL, I was only able to find the main ingredients on an e-commerce website that offered the supplement and they included:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • …and “many” more herbal extracts (which they did not disclose)

Where Can You Find VPXL?

You can find VPXL at many online herbal e-commerce websites. They do not have an official website and I could not find any official contact information regarding the brand.

Pros of VPXL

  • All natural ingredients

Cons of VPXL

  • What are the ingredients? (Joking, but I couldn’t find a full list)
  • Makes false claims
  • Does NOT work in the way it is advertised
  • No positive reviews

I would highly recommend that you do NOT buy VPXL. It is a scam supplement and it claims to make your penis bigger which no supplement can do. Pharmaceutical supplements can’t even make your penis bigger. It is like a muscle you have to use extenders, pumps, and exercise in order to really start seeing results. So all in all, VPXL is a scam – if you have used it I would really encourage you to leave a comment below to let others know about your experience. There is no censorship on this blog and I want other people’s voices to help spot terrible supplements so people don’t waste their money.

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