Full Body Approach to Male Enhancement

The body should be treated as an entire system from your biceps to your penis. It is one big interconnected system and each part of it directly benefits the others, that it why you can’t leave any part of it out of the equation. Guys tend to forget this. Who do you think is going to see the best results?

1. A guy who uses the bathmate daily


2. A guy who uses the bathmate daily, eats right, AND works out.

I think the answer is pretty obvious, read more for details.

What Is A Full Body Approach?

A full body approach in my opinion is the focus of all aspects of your body – your fitness, your nutrition, and your mental state. These are growth primers. If you have these three things in check then your body is ready for any challenge/goal you throw at it. For example, in this state your body will be:

  1. See the most PE gains
  2. Have the highest levels of testosterone
  3. Have the most mental clarity
  4. Be primed for muscle growth

Each one of these things affects the other. How are you going to see PE gains without a healthy body and high testosterone? When you exercise your penis you need ample recovery time to let your penis grow in between workouts.


The best looking/fittest people in the world use their entire body. If you go to the gym and focus on one or two body parts or just upper/lower body you are not using your body as an entire system. You stimulate the most growth hormones and testosterone when you use full body exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press. These exercises not only work your muscles – they also work your nervous system, joints/soft tissue, AND THEN your muscle. This then releases growth hormones which are essential to muscle gains that will benefit you in the real world.

It is in this state that you should pursue penis enlargement because your body naturally releases these growth hormones that will help you add inches to your penis.

Full Body Penis Enlargement:

If you have to use your entire body to see substantial fitness gains, think about what you have to do for your penis. Think of your entire pelvic region as a system. When you pump/extend you should also massage and supplement to bring extra blood flow to your penis. You should then also do kegels to strengthen all the muscles in your pelvic region and to make your erection much stronger over time. Just imagine if you incorporated these exercises into a daily fitness routine – your gains would be off the charts.

Eating Well:

The last (but arguably most important) piece of the puzzle is your diet. You need to eat to support your gains. This means lean protein, high quality fats (avocado, fish oil, coconut oil), and lots of fruit and veggies. If you stick a diet based in these key ingredients, you will be at your healthiest. Don’t worry about counting calories as it can be a hassle, just focus on health.

That is my approach to full body male enhancement, it has worked for me and I feel healthier than ever. Now it’s your turn! If you have any questions leave a comment below the article!
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