Importance of Peace of Mind

You are constantly bombarded every day with suggestions, advertisements, and even your friends giving you suggestions about how to make yourself better. Get a better body! Get a bigger penis! Etc.

All of these things are designed to exploit our insecurities and force us to act on them by purchasing a product or subscribing to a mailing list. This post is about overcoming those insecurities through peace of mind.

What Happens When You Don’t Have Peace of Mind?

When you don’t have peace of mind it affects your very biology. You are stressed, worried, insecure, and irritable. It literally shows on the outside of your body. I can tell you which of my friends don’t have peace of mind – they are constantly worried and their insecurities are very easy to exploit.

This is where marketing comes in. Marketing thrives on insecurities. The whole purpose of you buying a particular product is to make your life better. When in reality you don’t really need anything to provide these kinds of quality of life increases.

When you don’t have peace of mind you fall prey to these messages. And spending money trying to correct insecurities almost always leads to failure and regret. This is because you need to solve these insecurities on the inside first. For example, if you are completely insecure about your body, then get to work on making it better, it may take 2 years to get to the point you want to, but you aren’t making progress forward if you don’t start now. You don’t need to spend any money to make these kinds of changes, just determination – and that’s the beauty of it.

Cultivating Peace of Mind

Peace of mind can mean many things. It doesn’t have to mean that you are insecure, it could just be that you are stressed and constantly bombarded every single day of the week. Here are some tips that I use to help cultivate peace of mind.

  1. Meditate for 20 minutes a day – just sit down, close your eyes, and just focus on breathing. If you begin to let your thoughts wander that is okay but always bring it back to the breath. When you open your eyes your heart rate will be down and your thoughts will feel much clearer than they had 20 minutes before.
  2. Write a list of insecurities that you want to fix. When you have the list written down think about the ones that truly are important. If they affect your health or wellbeing, get started immediately, because when you look/feel great it will eliminate so many insecurities off that list. Sometimes you look at what you have written down and you laugh because you realize right then and there that your insecurities aren’t really an issue!
  3. Limit time spent on social media. The more time you spend on social media the more time you spend comparing yourself to your friends. It is a completely digital version of keeping up with the Jones’. Your friends will selectively filter what they put up so all you get is the fantastic elements of their life, and you forget that everybody behind the scenes has insecurities and is probably going through the same kinds of things as you.
  4. Use Adblock and get rid of internet advertising. It will simplify your browsing habits and you can focus on the task at hand when you are surfing the internet.

How do you cultivate peace of mind? Do you use any of the tips above?

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