Women Love Sex, Passion, & Confidence

I’m so sick and tired of all of these internet guru pick up artists that are trying to sell you easy ways to pick up and bang women. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this particular lifestyle but it really boils down to 3 things if you want to have a one night stand or build a lasting relationship. Read more to find out.

The 3 main things that will turn any man’s life around. You need to…

1. Be Healthy

2. Be Passionate

3. Be Confident

These three things are very closely intertwined, and once you start taking steps towards one of them the others will fall into place. For example, the more you focus on your physical fitness and diet the more confident you become, the more confident you become the more passionate you become.

Find a place to channel this passion. Channel it into your relationship, your work, your children, or your art. It will show on the outside with how you carry yourself. Women are attracted to healthy men, even more so when they are confident in themselves, and are the most attracted when that man has a purpose that he works towards every single day.

What Do I Mean by “Women Love Sex”?

Of course women love sex, everybody loves sex. What I mean by this for the purposes of this article is that women love sex appeal. What is sex appeal? Well, its confidence in yourself. Sex appeal goes even deeper when you are physically fit and confident – it is almost biological. Start thinking about what will help you build confidence? Is it more money? Do you need to change your diet? Do you want a bigger penis? Well get to work. Take a look through this blog, there are tons of great resources to help you address your insecurities and start working towards a better you.

How Do I Become Passionate?

You’ll hear a lot of people telling you to live a passionate life. They are totally right and I 100% agree with them. But for most people you can’t just suddenly “become” passionate. It takes work to get there. The number one thing you have to get a hold of in order to become passionate is your health. I have to keep stressing this throughout the article. When you have control over your health you think clearer, you lose weight, you gain muscle, and you actually become much less lazy. This is the first step to becoming passionate.

With this new found health you will begin to feel more confident. And it is through confidence that all good things grow. Now you have the launch pad to start working on projects that excite you and to excel at work.

These are the absolutely essential rules to becoming attractive to women. They have worked for me and I guarantee that they will work for you. These methods can be applied to one night stands as well as long term relationships – these tools will affect the rest of your life.

How did you turn your life around? How have you made yourself more confident and passionate?
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