Ah Santi Review: My Experience & Results

Ah Santi Review
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Ah Santi is a slow acting male enhancement supplement based off of traditional Chinese medicinal practices. The ingredients are good and the supplement can be a little hard to locate but I don’t see why I wouldn’t recommend it.

I didn’t take it long enough to see amazing results but it is a slow acting supplement and the quality seems quite high.

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I was walking through Chinatown on a trip to Toronto and found a box of Ah Santi. Ah Santi is a male enhancement supplement that is based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I asked the shop owner who manufactured it and he told me that it was an overseas company called Santi Medical Care. Apparently they have been making male enhancement supplements for quite a long time and he has sold them in his store for about 10 years – read the full Ah Santi review below to get all the information.

The goal of the supplement is to improve your erection quality, vigor, and sex drive. I wrote up a quick review article for you to learn a little more about this supplement. Read on for more information.

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Ah Santi Review: How Does It Work?

Ah Santi is a male enhancement supplement based off of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. This makes it a slow acting daily supplement. Some places on the internet claim that this is a fast acting supplement that only needs to be taken before sex but this is not the case. Herbal ingredients are slow acting. The company claims that it can give you larger erections and a boosted sex drive.

You have to take this supplement daily over the course of a month in order to see results from the supplement – at least that is what my experience suggests. The ingredients need time to saturate your system and and give you the best effect.
Ah Santi review

What Ingredients Are in Ah Santi?

I couldn’t read the entire ingredient list (as it was written in Mandarin) but the shop owner ¬†told me that the formula contains collage, ginseng, amino acids, and calcium.

This is basically a multivitamin that is optimized for boosting your sexual health.


  • All Natural Formulation
  • Slow Acting Supplement
  • Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Some negative reviews I found online
  • Packaging in Mandarin
  • Hard to find

You can find Ah Santi online in some natural health stores and in some areas of Chinatown in different cities.


I don’t see why I wouldn’t recommend this supplement. I would probably give it a go if you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine. Although I don’t think it is the most effective male enhancement supplement on the market but you may see results with it. Keep in mind that the result should start showing themselves after the one month mark.

Have you tried Ah Santi? If you have leave a short review in the comments below to let other guys know your experience.
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