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Amino Prime Review: Do Not Buy This

Amino Prime Review
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This supplement provides little to no information online. It is more of a front of a scam. There is no ingredient list in site, and it has nothing but negative reviews. Avoid this supplement at all costs as it IS NOT EFFECTIVE.

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As you may have noticed in some of my most recent reviews, I am starting to review some bodybuilding supplements that also may have an effect on sexual performance – the most recent one I got my hands on is Amino Prime. Apparently this supplement prevents excess protein intake from being turned into fat. Not only is this strange, it gets even stranger – the company also claims that this will improve sexual performance.

In this article I am cutting through this companies’ BS claims and showing you guys results with this bogus supplement. Read more to find out.

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Amino Prime Review: What Is It?

Amino Prime is a supplement that stops protein from being turned into fat, and somehow in this process it claims that it can boost your sexual performance. Not only does protein not turn into fat if you are a body builder, but that would not boost sexual performance. So I am very confused as to what this company is actually offering. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is more along the lines of a bullshit supplement that was designed to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. The company claims that this supplement will boost the recovery of your muscles, boost NO (nitric oxide) levels, and improve your sex drive.

So this is not a protein source, but it apparently contains enzymes that make sure the protein you eat is used for muscle growth. It claims upwards of ninety percent of protein ingested turns to fat. THIS IS A LIE. I can’t believe that this company is allowed to make claims like this. They also claims that this boosts nitric oxide levels in your blood, which is also false.
Amino Prime review

What Ingredients Make This Happen?

I was actually really looking forward to seeing the ingredient list of Amino Prime to see what their formula was. But I was shocked to see that THERE WAS NOT AN INGREDIENT LIST OUT THERE.

They literally don’t put one on the internet because they know that their supplement does not work and they can’t back up their claims with anything. They actually just hope that you are stupid enough to purchase their supplement based off of their claims. Please don’t fall for tactics like that. Always know what you are putting into your body – that is the main takeaway of this Amino Prime review.

Why This Company is a Scam

You are only able to purchase Amino Prime through the companies’ official website through a “free trial” offer. This is what confirmed for me that this product was a scam. Free trial offers lure you in to getting a free trial bottle and then charge your credit card every month to keep you purchasing the product. This is completely unethical in my opinion. It will end up costing you around $80 per month.

Amino Prime Pros

  • You might get a laugh after looking at this product

Amino Prime Cons

  • Literally everything
  • Not a real product
  • Do not buy this product


This supplement is complete garbage. I would equate the people behind this company as a bunch of con artists. They rip you off with a bogus supplement. I literally can’t say anything more. Buy this if you want to throw $80 in the garbage.Top 3 Supplements

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