Tentex Royal Review: My Results & Experience

Tentex Royal Review
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Tentex Royal looked very promising when I first picked it up – great ingredients listed on the box. It was a bit obscure but I picked it up anyway and at the end of the day it actually failed to deliver any actual results.

My recommendation would be to avoid it!

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I recently found another Ayurvedic style male enhancement supplement called Tentex Royal. This supplement is made with traditional Indian herbs and is manufactured by the company Himalayan Herbal Healthcare. Ayurvedic medicine is starting to become more prominent over here in North America – good thing for us as it is a fantastic all natural solution. That being said, we have to make sure we are actually getting good quality supplements from these new companies.

I got my hands on a package and used it for about a week. Find out what happened in the article below.

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Tentex Royal Review: How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, Tentex Royal is an Ayurvedic supplement containing all-natural herbal ingredients that boosts your sex drive and sexual performance. Some claim that it helps treat ED (erectile dysfunction) but that simply is not the case – it is focused only on improving your libido.

The supplement works by expanding the blood vessels in your penile area to allow extra blood to flow through your veins. This is what starts to boost your sex drive and allows for full erections. It also contains herbal aphrodisiacs to boost your libido. I checked out the main website and it said to take a pill 2 hours before you have sex, which I guess makes this a fast acting supplement.

Tentex Royal Review

What is inside Tentex Royal?

The thing with traditional Ayurvedic medicine is that a lot of the ingredients are not familiar to people based in north America. It includes almond extract, tribulus terrestris, and hygrophilia. These ingredients boost sperm/testosterone production, and boost the libido.

Tentex Royal Pros:

  • All-natural
  • Made by established company
  • Affordable

Tentex Royal Cons:

  • Not a lot of information available
  • No money back guarantee
  • Not many customer reviews

My Results & Experience

As mentioned above I tried taking a few capsules over the course of a week to see if there was any difference in how I felt. I took a total of 3 Tentex Royal pills over the course of 7 days before I was going to have sex with my girlfriend (lucky girl gets to see the different effects of all of the things I try). The first time I tried a supplement I didn’t notice any effect at all. I thought that it may have been a fluke but I tried it two more times and I found that I still didn’t see any results with this supplement. I was definitely disappointed with Tentex Royal.


Although Tentex Royal looked promising it failed to deliver any sort of results. I tried it three different times but each time I didn’t notice a difference. It is possible that this is a slow acting supplement but a box only comes with about 10 pills so you would be spending a lot of money trying to figure that out. I would recommend that you go with an established supplement that you know will deliver results. I have reviewed a few other effective Ayurvedic supplements that you can look for on my website. If you want the most effective supplements available on the market make sure to check out my Top 3 Supplement reviews section.Top 3 Supplements

If you have tried Tentex Royal please leave a comment below with your experience! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail through the contact form in the menu above.

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