PELoop Ring Review: #1 Thing I Recommend You DON’T Buy

PELoop Review
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This device is a complete joke. Plain and simple.

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Today we are going to be looking at the PELoop Ring. This is the only device of its kind that I have found and I thought it was pretty interesting so I picked one up to get the basics of the device. So if you have never heard of this particular device, brace yourself, you may be in for a laugh. This is the strangest male enhancement device that I have found on the market – and I’m not quite sure what to say about it!

Read more for the full details on the PELoop Ring.

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PELoop Ring Review: What Is This?

The PELoop is a ring composed of magnets that you wear on your penis to help it grow a few inches. I was confused at how this would actually work, and I figured it was a ploy that was developed by internet marketers to really dig into men’s insecurities and perceived need for a bigger penis. Which is basically what the device is.

Apparently these magnets improve blood flow in your penis, and improves the QUALITY of the blood – WTF DOES THAT MEAN? That literally makes no sense and that particular sentence was literally written to get you to by the device. Magnets don’t improve your blood – healthy living improves your blood.

You are supposed to wear this device all the time except when you are in the shower. The magnets work by neutralizing acid levels in the blood and creating more space for oxygen molecules in the blood. This sounds like some “Q-Ray Bracelet” mumbo jumbo to me. When you put it on your are supposed to feel an immediate difference, and doesn’t explain how it will make your penis bigger! They just claim it will!

What a bullshit product.

PELoop Ring review
Pros of PEloop

  • NONE


  • EVERYTHING ELSE – this product is nothing but unsubstantiated claims.

No one I have found has anything good to say about the PEloop

Where Can You Find this?

You can only buy it on the product’s main website. There is a 60 day money back guarantee which you will definitely use if you choose to buy this product.


Don’t buy PEloop. This is just a magnet you put on your dick in hopes that it will make things grow bigger. Magnets don’t make your dick bigger. I feel bad for the people who think they do. When you come across a product like this make sure that you do your research and you see clinical studies and evidence that these products actually work. Otherwise you are allowing marketers to take advantage of you and make a lot of money off of you buy selling penis size increasing magnets which do not exist. They may even cause harm to your penis because who knows the effect of wearing a magnet all the time, in my opinion I think it probably will cause harm.

Have you tried the PEloop? Leave a comment below with your experience with it to help other readers out. If you have any questions make sure to send me an e-mail through the contact section.
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