Quick Extender Pro Review – Why Male Enhancement Gets A Bad Rap

Quick Extender Pro Review
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Quick Extender Pro is a borderline scam in my honest opinion. They provide little to no customer service and the thing is very poorly made and very uncomfortable. Yes, you could see gains with this device but it is so uncomfortable it is not worth it!

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I ordered a Quick Extender Pro off of it’s Amazon page and I was not impressed with what I pulled out of the box. It came in the mail, clearly stating what was inside the package – which is a HUGE no-no in the male enhancement game. Isn’t the point of ordering this stuff to keep it private? These things are a private matter and it can be embarrassing when people know about the things you have ordered. Read more to find out my terrible experience with the Quick Extender Pro.

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Quick Extender Pro Review: A Terrible Product

Quick Extender Pro review

The Quick Extender Pro is a traction device similar to others on the market. It has the exact same design and there is nothing about this product that makes it stand out from the others in my opinion.

This is probably one of the worst devices that I have ever used. The device itself is made from flimsy material that looks like it won’t even last the full 6 months that you need to wear it. I tried putting it on and I did not find it that comfortable, which is the most important aspect for me about an extender. It HAS to be comfortable if you are going to be wearing it for such a long period of time.

Pros of the Quick Extender Pro

  • Decent reviews on Amazon
  • Website is well designed


  • Not comfortable
  • Cheap materials
  • Terrible Customer Service


That is all I can really say about the Quick Extender Pro. I would not recommend that you buy this extender. It was not comfortable and is clearly made with cheaper materials than other extenders. Every part of their website and marketing plan kind of has a “scammy” feel to it. The main extender does not even come with a proper front piece as most men do not have a good experience using the silicon straps that are included in the device.

So all in all I would NOT recommend that you buy the Quick Extender Pro. It is a poorly made device that is not comfortable. I’m sure it will allow you to see gains if it doesn’t break during the time you are using it.

If you are looking for high quality extenders I would recommend that you check out my Top 3 Extenders page to see my top picks for extenders like the X4 Labs, SizeGenetics, and Peyronie’s Device.
Top 3 Extenders

Have you tried the Quick Extender Pro? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below!

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