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Anoradrol Review: A Comprehensive Look

Anoradrol Review
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Anoradrol is only available through a free trial offer – something I am often very skeptical of (and are no longer allowed in the USA!). They get you to submit your information and automatically enroll you in a re-bill feature.

The supplement is missing a few key ingredients that could potentially boost your testosterone – and if you read through my articles I talk about many ways that you can do that completely naturally!

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I seem to be getting a ton of testosterone supplement requests lately, and the latest supplement I got my hands on is Anoradrol. This is an all-natural supplement that was designed to act as a steroid alternative and boost testosterone levels in your body naturally. There are several reasons why men want to increase their testosterone levels from a male enhancement perspective but Anoradrol is a supplement for bodybuilding. I’ll go deeper into this in this Anoradrol review.

Find out what Anoradrol is about, how it worked for me, and why you have to be careful when boosting your testosterone. Read more below.

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Anoradrol Review: What Is It?

Anoradrol is a testosterone boosting supplement that is marketed at bodybuilders for enhanced lean muscle mass, strength, and boosted energy and sexual vitality. Most testosterone boosting supplements use the same marketing message so we have to look at these products individually and see if there is any difference behind the branding.

But This is a Bodybuilding Supplement!

This is where people get confused. If you are a long time reader of my website then you will know that I actively let people know that testosterone supplements affect every aspect of a man’s life! Male enhancement is a full body effort and testosterone affects lean muscle mass, confidence, and your sex drive. That is why I am incorporating SOME bodybuilding supplements into this website.

This supplement boosts the levels of free testosterone in your body. It then claims to stimulate the release of human growth hormone to boost recovery after you have an intense exercise session. Its a cycle that continuously boosts testosterone levels in your body.

Anoradrol Review

What Ingredients Make this work?

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Various herbs to cleanse the liver

If you are familiar with the ingredients of various male enhancement supplements you will see that Anoradrol actually has very similar ingredients that boost blood flow to your penis and increase testosterone for increased gains. But I was also a little bit concerned looking at these ingredients as it seems to focus more on boosting your sex drive than increasing testosterone.

Where Can You Find Anoradrol?

I was even further set back when I found out that you can only find this supplement on their website through a free trial offer. It is not available anywhere else. These free trial offers are always a little bit concerning to me because it keeps charging your credit card every month after you order it. This is enough for me to not recommend it. A supplement has to be transparent and provide value to customers not trick them into buying it every month.


Based on a few key areas I would not recommend Anoradrol as a supplement to boost testosterone levels in your body. I feel like it is missing a few key ingredients that are preventing the supplement from being really effective – like zinc. The re-bill feature is also a very negative point for me as I just mentioned above. Judging by all the information that I could find I would recommend a different supplement like Testofuel to boost testosterone. But also keep in mind that you can boost your testosterone levels naturally by eating a healthy diet with a lot of green vegetables and lifting heavy weights.Top 3 Supplements

Have you had any experience with Anoradrol? Make sure to leave a comment below to let us know how it worked for you!

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